$1 Books, not such a bargain

Friday, September 2, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
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Occasionally, I take a break from the wonderful world of making toddler belts for a little “me” time. A couple of days ago, my me time included shopping at a local chain store (ok, it’s Target) with Bug. This specific chain store has one of those “bargain” sections.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for a bargain so I love to look through those bins. It’s especially nice with little kids, because it’s generally stuff I can cheaply (let’s face it, those items aren’t just inexpensive, they are cheap!) get to entertain them while I shop.

So, here I am shopping with Bug. We are looking at all of the little bargain goodies, trying to decide what we would like to throw into the cart. Do we want some water guns, or some cutesy little stickers? How about some beach toys, or some princess toys? Look there are some storage bins for mommy and some little appetizer plates. (Really? Appetizer plates? What corners are you cutting, exactly, that you can sell ceramic plates at such a bargain?)

Anyway, back to the story… Bug see’s some Sesame Street books with Bert and Ernie that look interesting. Let’s take a look, I mean books for $1.00? I’m game!

Upon further inspection of the book, it starts to become clear as to why they are in the $1.00 bin. Apparently, proper spelling and a grasp of the English language costs extra to produce. What with the whole editing expense and everything.

Seriously, have we become so accustomed to deals that we are truly willing to sacrifice not just quality, but actual “correctness”? It’s one thing to skimp on the quality of ink you use or the thickness of the paper, but actual spelling and grammar?

One explanation could be that the book was manufactured and produced in China, maybe they got a bad version of Google Translate, who knows. I was just sadly disappointed to see our beloved child educators, Bert & Ernie, being discredited in such a manner. After all, isn’t that what Sesame Street is all about, for the most part, teaching our kids to read?

This post was brought to you by the letter P for proof… would it have killed you to proof this book prior to printing?

Who would have guessed it, $1 books, not such a bargain after all!


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