4 Pics 1 Word Review

Thursday, March 28, 2013 @ 01:03 PM
posted by mrscaz

I got sucked in… I innocently downloaded a game on my break from making kids belts, and now I’m hooked. Well, hooked until I get bored with it, you know my attention span is very small. :)

The game is 4 Pics 1 Word. It’s a ridiculously simple premise for a game, but strangely addicting. You are given 4 pictures, a bunch of letters to choose from and there is one thing that they all have in common. Whatever that is, is the answer. Seems easy, right? Well, yes and no. Some of the puzzles are super easy.

Take this one for example:

Easy, right? (Round, the answer is round.) There are quite a few that are this easy and I think they do that to suck you in. “Hey, look, I’m so smart that I figured out all of these levels!”

And then, BOOM! You are hit with this level:

Not impossible, but definitely a little more difficult. (Spoiler alert, the answer is address). Then they throw this one at you:

This one took me a while, but I did get it. (Plenty) The one thing I like is that they vary so it keeps my attention. You can facebook it, and you can get hints (costs you coins). The hints involve revealing letters and removing them. Sometimes, those hint are the only way I made it through a level. If you have aced every level, don’t brag, it’s not nice and you make me feel dumb, but kudos to you! I’m not to proud to say “way to go”!

Anyway, try it out. I think you’ll like it, just don’t blame me when you aren’t getting anything else done because you are trying to figure out what the pictures have in common. Enjoy!


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