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Sunday, December 5, 2010 @ 09:12 PM
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Rule of 5s for Kids Belts SEO

Ahhhh… Day 3 of the challenge and I’ve stumbled upon a list I wrote back in July of ideas for blog posts. Yay!!! I have a lot more stuff to talk about now! Of course, they will all center around doing business and my need to mention Kids Belts. The most important topic, at least I believe, on that list is about something Jack Canfield said in an interview.

You all may know Jack Canfield as the originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I have been studying successful people for years and last night I came across a technique that we should all be doing to move to the next level in our businesses…so here is Jack Canfield’s “The Rule of Fives!”

Jack Canfield’s story: We had a meeting with a psychic by the name of Ron Scolastico, quite a profound being. He said to us, “If you go to a tree with a sharp axe everyday and take five swings with the axe, eventually the tree, however big, will eventually have to fall down.” So we came up with this idea that we would do five things every single day to promote my book. This could mean signing five books and giving them to people for free. It could be giving talks at churches or sending out free copies to reviewers, or giving five radio interviews. There were five specific actions we did every day so there was always something happening that promoted the book. Eventually, we wrote a letter to the publisher of a publication called L.A. Parents. We had a story in the book about parenting, and I asked them to reprint it. In exchange for printing it, we asked that they put at the bottom a little box that said it was excerpted from Chicken Soup For The Soul®. He liked the story so much that he told us there were many more of these parenting magazines all across the country. He helped me to send out this article to every editor and we got 55 copies of it printed. I think that is one of the things that helped the book to take off. Eventually that led to 135,000 copies of the book selling, and by a year and a half’s time we had sold 1.3 million copies. We really didn’t hit a best seller list until September 1994, even though it came out in July of 1993. About a month after that, it was on The New York Times list, and then USA Today, and we stayed on those bestseller lists for almost 4 years. At one point Chicken Soup for the Soul® was number one and A Second Helping of Chicken Soup for the Soul® was number two. Eventually we came out with the whole series of books, 32 titles so far. That is basically how it added up–it was NOT an overnight success. What happened, I think, is that one person would read it, they’d tell five others; those five would read it and tell five others and eventually that had a snowball effect that finally reached critical mass, and we had a bestseller.

So the whole point is that if I do 5 things every day to get the word out about Dapper Snappers, then before long, we should have quite the success on our hands. But what 5 things? How about these…

  1. SEO – I am going to get to the front page of the Kids Belts if it kills me!
  2. Blog Reviews – Mom bloggers are more than willing to help me spread the word about these awesome Toddler Belts.
  3. Social Media – Make the best use of Twitter and Facebook to interact with customers. Make friends. Influence people. You know the drill. (Okay, so I’m not much of an influencer)
  4. Excellent Customer Service – That’s right! I’m going to make my customers as happy as I would want to be if I were the customer. Remember: Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless!
  5. Blogging – I just have to keep on, keep on, keep on , keep on blogging.

Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment!

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