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Thursday, September 8, 2011 @ 09:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

How many of us have thought of doing just that? Destroying our cell phones (newer cell phones mind you, that’s a really old model).

I have a love hate relationship with mine… I love to hate it and it hates to love me. Such a necessary evil, though. As much as we hate them and as much as we feel constantly connected to everyone, everything, everywhere ALL the time, we have become a society dependent on them and heaven forbid we forget that precious little electronic cellular telephone at home!

Show of hands, please, who of you still have a land line? Now, a show of hands, how many are asking yourselves what a “land line” is…? Exactly… a sad sign of the times. It used to be that when you made plans with someone, you actually had to show up because once they left their house, you couldn’t reach them. “Pashaw”, you say, “she’s crazy”, that may be true, but I do fondly remember those rotary dial phones. (If any of you ask what a rotary phone is, I may scream!)


Anyway, back to what I’m here to do, talk to you about the  Bringrr. The Bringrr is an amazing little device that is designed to make sure you don’t leave your cell phone at home, or at the office or where ever you have been spending your afternoon.

Tada! It’s super simple to use (so easy a caveman… oh wait… wrong commercial). All you have to do is make sure your bluetooth is turned on in your phone and set it to “discoverable” mode and turn the car’s engine on. Next, plug the Bringrr into your power outlet in your car then press and hold the Bringrr Button until you hear the beep. Now, on your phone, press Search for Devices and select BRINGRR from the list to pair with the device. You will hear another beep from it once the pairing process is complete. That’s it!

Now, every time you start your car up, the device will search for your phone. If it finds your phone, it emits a quick tone turns blue and then all is right with the universe and you can back out of your driveway and happily proceed on your journey knowing that your cell phone is stowed somewhere in your car. (The other nice thing is that it will notify you if the battery in your phone dies during your trip.)

If your phone is not in the car, it instantly goes into self destruct mode and you have 30 secs to find your phone and get it in the car or everything explodes… JUST KIDDING!! If it doesn’t find your phone, it will sound an alarm and the light turns red. Once you have your phone with you in the car, the light goes back to blue and the alarm stops.

I love it. I can’t tell you how many times I have scrambled out the door with a dog in one hand, back packs in another, a cup of coffee in another and a handful of kids belts in the other (yes I have that many hands, I AM a mom, remember?) only to get loaded up and arrive at my destination to find out I forgot my phone. Ugh… the Bringrr has saved my butt many a morning! The only draw back I have seen is that some mornings it takes a little longer than others and I have been down the road a bit when it alerted me, but overall, I would recommend it!


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