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Tips to Beat Rainy Days

Friday, May 3, 2013 @ 12:05 PM
posted by mrscaz

Ok, so it’s been raining in the sunshine state for about 5 days now. I’m not complaining, because we desperately need it, but the kids are going a little stir crazy and I’m afraid that if it’s raining tomorrow (Saturday), the kids will have a huge case of cabin fever. So, while I should be working here at the kids belts office, I am actually looking for things to do with with them on rainy days, besides shoving them out the door to play in the rain.

I found some great ideas on Real Simple and a few other sites. I’ve pulled together my favorites for you!

  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide stuff around the house and make clues leading from one thing to the next.
  2. Build a fort. You’d be surprised how long a good fort will entertain them! Use couch cusions, or dinning room chairs and sheets, get creative!
  3. Make a drive-in movie. This one takes a little planning ahead, because you need cardboard boxes big enough to hold your children sitting down. It’s also a time killer because they get to decorate their own “cars”. Then have them pick out a movie to watch!
  4. Make up your own board game. Come up with a completely original game complete with pieces, tokens, and board or combine other games together to make a new game!
  5. Get artistic! Use dry erase markers to let your kids decorate the windows and add their own sunshine. Have them draw what they would like to be doing outside!
  6.  Have your own fashion show. Have the kids create their own outfits from their closet, mixing and matching. Then let them make their own accessories with things from around the house.It’s so neat to see how creative they can be!
  7. Hide-n-seek with at twist. Much like the original game, one player counts while the other one hides, but when the one who’s “it” starts hunting, the hiders get to move around trying not to be seen!
  8. Get out in the rain. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! I remember playing in the rain when I was little and LOVING it! As long as it’s not thundering or lightening, go for a walk, or a bike ride, or better yet, set up a slip-n-slide! Go splash in some puddles. Let your kids see you “breaking” the rules!

Hope those help you beat the cabin fever that come with being stuck in the house for days as the second flood comes!


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Here’s the story of how I met…

Friday, April 19, 2013 @ 12:04 PM
posted by mrscaz

Everyday, it’s the same thing. When I leave the kids belts office, I am bombarded by flashbulbs and screaming photog’s (yea, I’m up on the lingo) looking for that million dollar shot of me doing something embarrassing…. Oh, wait, that was just a dream! Contrary to popular belief, I am not famous… *gasp* “Say it ain’t so, Chelle!” Oh, it’s so, sad, I know, but not everyone knows that I invented the truly amazing Dapper Snappers.

For the first time, though, I found an actual fan. Someone who knew about Dapper Snappers before meeting me. Someone who actually owns a Dapper Snapper! You would think with the thousands that we have sold, that I would see them everywhere, but no, I don’t.

Ok kids, here’s the story of how I met your mother a fan:

For the past few months, I have been going to nail school. I have been learning manicures, pedicures and all sorts of cool techniques.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, Crystal started her classes at Cindy Lee’s facial and nail institute. Lindsey, a student and friend of mine was giving Crystal a pedicure and talking about the steps taken. I was sitting next to them giving a customer a manicure.

After talking for a while, the topic then shifted to what we do other than school and I mentioned I owned a business making toddler belts.

Lindsey, being well-versed in how Dapper Snappers work, began to describe them to Crystal for me. And then Crystal popped up and said, “Oh! You mean Dapper Snappers?!?!” She knew what they were!! I couldn’t believe it! This was the first person I have ever met that I didn’t have to explain them to!

The rest of the day she kept telling me about her one and only Dapper Snapper and how she has this rule with her husband that he may NEVER EVER LOSE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. And it has its own special spot it’s supposed to be when not in use.

Crystal told me she felt like she was meeting a celebrity. *blush*

And I was covered head to toe in goosebumps because I finally met someone that was a fan that I didn’t give Dapper Snappers to begin with.

And then, by some crazy coincidence Crystal starts going to the same school that I did.

Amazing. Thrilling. Happy me!

I think Dapper Snapper fans are the celebrities!


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I’ve been found!

Friday, March 29, 2013 @ 11:03 AM
posted by mrscaz

I’ve been found! What’s that? You didn’t know I was missing? Well, I wasn’t technically… More like hiding. Our Dapper Snappers kids belts warehouse is tucked back in a big complex of warehouses in Port Orange, FL. We are not the easiest place to find.

Almost 2 weeks ago, I was interviewed for an article for the Daytona Beach News Journal (I posted the article here). Since then the phone has been ringing off the hook with people wanting to know where they can find our amazing belts!

Well, the other day, I was at lunch and I got a call from Colleen (one of our employees)  to tell me that she had someone at the shop who wanted to talk to me. Me? Little ole me? Who was it? She told me “A customer!”

What? A customer wanted to talk to me? This is the first time anyone has ever sought us out and it was all because she saw the article in the paper.

Her name is Ruth. She remembered the name of our company and the address. She was in the area and stopped by to buy our Dapper Snappers XL Deluxe Set. She was so excited and said she was going to tell all of her friends! It was kind of strange to talk to a customer face to face, though! I’m so used to communicating through email, Facebook and the occasional phone call!

This was such an awesome moment for me and Dapper Snappers! She actually wanted to talk to me personally so she could thank me for inventing Dapper Snappers! I love hearing how much people love our product and for her to take the time out of her day to seek us out, I’m speechless!

We have the best customers and the most loyal fans and even if I never meet YOU in person, I love and am grateful for each and every one of you!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter!


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Happy Birthday Annual FLASH SALE!

Friday, March 15, 2013 @ 10:03 AM
posted by mrscaz

Today I am 42! Do you know what that means? That’s right!




Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 11:11 AM
posted by mrscaz

Owls, how’s that for random?

Owls are big in the fashion world right now. I should know, what with being on the cutting edge of everything kids fashion for our kids belts patterns, after all. There are some really cool looking owls (see above) and some really odd looking owls (see below).

This guy just looks annoyed…

Seriously, though they are everywhere. Owls dominate Pinterest as well as all of the local kids retailers near you and I don’t know about you, but we even had several owl trick or treaters this year. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are super cute, but they just came out of no where and exploded. (Not literally, that would be gross, but you know what I mean.) It always amazes me the things that become popular. Think about it, for every one animal that becomes popular, there are tons that don’t. I mean think of the poor anteater, no one is giving the anteater any love.

While I was perusing the internet for this topic, I came across some interesting things that involve owls. Well… at least interesting to me. Be on the look out soon for a new owl pattern from Dapper Snappers.

You can do owl crafts…

Or you can do owl snacks…

You can have an owl themed party…

Or even an owl themed room…

You can have owls on the beach, if you feel so inclined, though I’m not sure why you would. However, they are cute…

And finally, I’ll leave you with this, because apparently, its easier to be an owl…


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Random Sharing….

Friday, July 6, 2012 @ 01:07 PM
posted by mrscaz

It’s Friday and it’s summer time and it was a weird holiday week with a day off from the kids belts factory in the middle. Needless to say I’m ready for the weekend, so I’m killing a little bit of time browsing through Pinterest.

While browsing, I thought, “Man I wish I had more time to just craft…” Why do I actually have to work for a living? Oh, that’s right, because if I didn’t the world would be filled with a sea of toddlers with their pants on the ground.

Anyway, here are some cool things I came across and thought I would share with you what I would like to work on, if I had time to work on it.

This is too cute. Bug would love it and it seems relatively simple to put together. I would post a link to the pin, however, it’s just the photo, they don’t actually tell you how to do it. I’m guessing it’s either wallpaper or contact paper.

Ok, these would be horribly messy, but they do sparkle, so I’m torn…

This is super cute and super sappy… That sums up the hubby and I perfectly!

What a great way to keep the sand out of the house and it’s way prettier to look at than just a regular old door mat.

I really like these outlet covers. It’s nearly impossible to match the outlet covers with the paint (and the paintable ones scratch so easy), so this is cool because you can match patterns to your room!

Let’s just be honest, this one is never going to happen. 1. Because I don’t have stairs and 2. because that is a daunting amount of work. Granted it will look totally cool when it’s done, but seriously, who has the time to commit to that? Not this lady!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse in to the craftyness that would be my craftyness if I had the time to be crafty…


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15 Easy Ways to Cut out Hundreds of Calories a Day

Friday, April 13, 2012 @ 12:04 PM
posted by mrscaz

I have lost 6lbs in a week! How awesome is that? I know that the first few lbs are water weight, but as my kids belts assistant tells me, “Don’t belittle your progress! 6lbs is still 6lbs regardless of where it came from!” She’s right… I know it, why is it so hard to be proud of an accomplishment? Instead of saying “I only lost 6lbs and most of that had to be water”, why can’t we train ourselves to think differently and say “I lost 6lbs! Isn’t that great!” I digress…

I have always struggled with my weight, I’ve been up, been down, been in the middle and now working on down again. I want to get it under control before it becomes a health risk. So, on my health and weight loss journey, I have pick up tips here and there that I thought I would share with you. These are so easy, but the calories really add up! There are 3,500 calories in a pound, so if you can cut 500 calories a day, that’s a loss of 1lb a week!

15 Easy Ways to Cut Hundreds of Calories a Day
(Adapted from Spark People’s 50 Easy Ways to Cut Calories)


  1. Substitute 3 oz. of turkey sausage for a serving of pork sausage. Save 120 calories!
  2. Top your whole grain bagel with 1.5 oz of fat-free cream cheese in lieu of regular. Save 108 calories!
  3. Prepare your coffee with 4 oz. of fat-free half and half instead of regular half and half. Save 88 calories!
  4. Eat a medium orange instead of drinking 12 oz. of fresh orange juice. Save 106 calories!
  5. Spread your whole grain waffles with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup instead of 1 tablespoon of margarine or butter. Save 110 calories!
That’s 532 Calories and that’s just breakfast!
  1. Order a skinless chicken breast instead of chicken with skin. Save 102 calories!
  2. Choose a slice of thin crust pizza over thick crust pizza. Save 106 calories!
  3. Add vegetable toppings to your pizza order and say no to pepperoni. Save 100 calories!
  4. Forget broccoli cheddar soup. A 7-oz portion of vegetable soup is better. Save 119 calories!
  5. Skip the 5 oz. of Alfredo sauce and eat a whopping 7 oz. of marinara sauce. Save 129 calories!
  6. Try either cheese or croutons on your salad—not both Save 72-116 calories!
  1. Enjoy 5 oz. of chocolate milk instead of 5 oz. of a chocolate milkshake Save 110 calories!
  2. Split a 20 oz. bottle of regular soda with a friend. Save 120 calories!
  3. Drink 1 cup of diet soda instead of 1 cup of regular soda. Save 97 calories!
  4. Swap a 12-oz. glass of whole milk for skim milk. Save 96 calories!
See how easy is it is? Be sure to keep track of your portion sizes and invest in a FREE tracking app, it’s “money” well spent! I wrote about my favorite tracking app here, My Fitness Pal.
Do you have any tips to share?
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When it rains…

Friday, March 30, 2012 @ 11:03 AM
posted by mrscaz

It floods…. literally. Or at least that’s how it has seemed around here at the kids belts office. Jen and I have had no luck at lately!

It started a bout 2 weeks ago, when Super Dude was in the bathroom, “Mommy, I need help.” “Super Dude, what do you need?” His reply? “Mom, there is so much water.”

So, in my mind, I’m thinking that the he flushed too much paper and the water has risen to the top of the bowl. No big deal. Yea, no big deal, except for the fact that when I stepped into the bathroom… *splash*.

Yes, I would have to say, that’s a lot of water. Crud… now what? Hubby wasn’t their so I couldn’t call on my knight in shining armor. CRUD… I have to handle this myself.  Step one…. make the water stop. Ok, but how do I do that? I didn’t know which knob to turn so I thought, I’ll put the top off the tank and see if something in there will help. I grab the thingy (yes, that its the technical term) and pull up. It worked. The water stopped running. Now what? If I let go, it will start again, but I really don’t care to stand in a sea of toilet water while I wait for hubby to come home. The water is still spreading…into the bedroom, into the closet…CRUD!!!!!

“Super Dude, can you go get mommy the plunger out of the other bathroom?” He returns with the plunger. Here I stand, one hand holding up the thingy and the other one trying to plunge the toilet. Seriously, did he flush the whole roll? Anyway, if finally worked. and the toilet went back to normal.

I, then, used every dirty and clean towel I could get my hands on to sop up all of this water. About that time, hubby walked in and I looked at him and smiled “Your turn!”

A few days later the condensation line in the AC got stopped up and that leaked everywhere and then the water heater felt left out, so it decided it would leak too and flood the garage. That’s 3 right? Were are done now, right?

Yeah…not so much…

Poor Jen, she had to replace her tires on her truck last week ($300). This week, her power steering hose decided that it had had enough and the very small leak turned into a monsoon of power steering fluid ($100). And finally (hopefully anyway), her timing belt needs to be replaced next week ($500). Just so my car wouldn’t feel left out, it decided to overheat the other day and hold up the pickup line at Super Dude’s school.

Anyone want to contribute the “No More Floods” fund? We sure could use it. Either that, or we need to learn how to play in the rain!


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Random Keywords

Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 11:03 AM
posted by mrscaz

One of my key marketing strategies is SEO. I am always working on increasing (or reducing, really) our Alexa rating (if you want, you could write up a rave review for us… hee hee shameless plug!). A result of constantly working on this is that I get to see what keywords people use that bring them to our website.

Now, the keywords that I’m working tirelessly on are kids belts, that would be why you always see that phrase linked to our site in my blogs. Well, as much as I drive those keywords home, do you know what the number one keyword is that brings people here in an organic search? No, it’s not “awesome” or “amazing” (though it should be) and as much as I hate to admit it, it’s not even “kids belts”.

Are you ready for this…

Wait for it….

Wait for it….



Back on the Blog Wagon

Wagon? Yea, wagon, that’s what I thought, too. That doesn’t make sense! I mean, really all the time and energy I spend on “kids belts” and the word wagon brings people here?

Where did that even come from? Well, I did some research and in January of 2011, I wrote a blog post titled, “Back on the Blogging Wagon” where I used the above picture of a wagon to illustrate my point.  Turns out that was the best thing I could do to get people to our site. Although, I am sure that they are sorely disappointed to find out that we do not, in fact, sell wagons.

I was thinking about it though, maybe we can incorporate the word wagon into our tagline… “Dapper Snappers… the wagon of the belt world” or “Dapper Snappers get you wagon” (get it, wagon=wagging) ok that last one was a stretch.

Do you have any creative ways to use the word “wagon” in our tag line? I’d so love to hear them, this could be hilarious!


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10 Tips to Stay Motivated

Friday, January 27, 2012 @ 01:01 PM
posted by mrscaz

It’s almost the end of January and can I have a show of hands from all of the people who are still sticking to their New Years Resolutions? Hmmm… Ok, well on that note, I thought I would blog about staying motivated. The one thing that I have learned in this kids belts business is that anything that is worth it, takes hard work, dedication and motivation. “If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.”

10 Tips to Stay Motivated

  1. Make sure the goal is yours. I know that sounds silly, “But, Chelle, who else’s goal would it be?” There are so many times that we set a goal based on someone else’s ideas. “You should be a doctor.” “You should lose weight.” “You should open your own business.” Granted all of those things might be nice, but if you don’t want them, your goal is doomed to fail from the get go.
  2. Be clear about the payoff. Don’t just set a generic goal, “I want to run a 5K.” Make it a specific goal, if it’s to run a 5K, search out the 5K’s in your area and pick one. Sign up for it and make your goal to run that specific 5K.
  3. Make a list. Whatever the goal you have set for yourself is, I’m pretty sure that there are steps you need to take to get there. Make a list of those steps so it’s all laid out there for you.
  4. Set small milestone goals. Is your goal to get a new iPad, but money doesn’t permit? Set small goals, saving $10 a week is easier than coming up with a few hundred or worse putting it on a credit card and then paying interest. If your goal is losing weight, don’t focus on the big number, take pound by pound. Trying to lose a pound a week seems easier than saying “I want to lose 50lbs”.
  5. Focus on the good. Don’t bury yourself in the set backs. I read something the other day that put that into perspective, “Saying oh, I already ruined my good eating today so I’ll just eat junk is like saying, oh, I just dropped my phone on the floor I’ll just smash it until it breaks.” Funny, but true. Don’t let one setback trip you up.
  6. Make it fun. I know that I am more apt to do something if it’s fun. Whatever your goal is, find a way to make that the best part of your day. If your goal is to learn a new language, check with your friends, they may be interested and you guys can make it more of a game.
  7. Take a different approach. If what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working, change it up. You have heard the saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” while that is a bit gruesome, it’s true. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different. If your goal is learning to cook and all you are doing is messing up recipes from a cookbook, try something different. Sign up for a cooking class in your area, check out online tutorials, get a friend who can cook to show you some techniques.
  8. Reward yourself. When you hit your small milestones, be sure to reward yourself. When you lose that first 5lbs, treat yourself to something (non food related) you like to do (manicure, massage, shopping, going to see a new movie, etc). 
  9. Have an accountability partner. Let’s face it, when we tell someone we are going to do something, the guilt from that alone makes us more likely to stick to it, but also a good friend will be your cheering section. They will pick you up when you struggle, they will motivate you when you need it and they will celebrate with you when you have made it!
  10. Make a list. Wait… didn’t we already do this one? “Is she just checking to see if I am paying attention?” No, I’m not. This is a different kind of list. Make a list of the consequences of not completing your goal. That’s right, all the bad stuff. Now I know that the world won’t end and it won’t cause a zombie apocalypse, but there will be consequences for not completing your goal. Weight loss goals, if not completed, have a negative effect on your health: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. You never know, seeing what NOT FINISHING your goals looks like in black and white might be all the motivation you need.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of ways to stay motivated, but hopefully some of them will trigger something for you and keep you motivated. I’d love to see what motivates you. Please feel free to share!


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