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Native American Festival

Monday, April 14, 2014 @ 09:04 AM
posted by mrscaz

native american festival

It’s always nice to take a brief break from the kids belts office to unwind and decompress. What a great time for that! It was absolutely beautiful here all weekend.

I really love to get out and see what’s going on locally. You know, give the kids a sense of the community and all. Sunday we had a chance to spend the day at a local Native American Festival. The cool thing was that it was at a park that is just down the road from us, so we were able to bike there.



The kids had so much fun. The event was really put together well. So many people attended and were opened up to a beautiful culture. We saw traditional Native American dancing and of course Bug and Daddy had to join in on the fun.


Super Dude was more interested in the weapons training portion. He really got into that and now he’s begging for a blow gun. I feel, however, that it may be considered bad parenting if I give in and get him one. The tomahawk, though…. that one I may indulge in. (I seriously hope you know I am kidding about that one!)



I am also happy to report that I was totally able to stick to my newly adopted gluten free diet which is a bonus. Turkey legs are gluten free, right??


Now, I am not one to paint a rose colored picture of our life, because we are by no means perfect, but occasionally, we manage to have a perfect day. Today was one of those days. I cherish these days. These are the days that make all the not so perfect ones worth while. You know those days, we all have them. When the kids won’t get ready in time for school, when the house is a mess, when you are on your 7th “stop that now!” and nothing is working, that’s when I reflect on days like today.

What does your perfect day consist of? I’d love to hear about them!


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Juice, Please

Monday, March 17, 2014 @ 09:03 AM
posted by mrscaz



Ok, It was late, I was bored but not ready for bed so I got sucked into a documentary on late night TV. I was well aware that I should be sleeping, resting for a hard days work at the kids belts factory, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was flipping through channels and something caught my eye, a man talking about losing 100 lbs in 60 days.

Umm… excuse me? 100lbs in 60 days? That’s like 1.666666666666lbs a day! So there I sat watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. You can read the IMDB here.

fatsickBasically, there’s this guy who has an autoimmune disease and is tired of being medicated for it. He takes matters into his own hands and starts juicing! After 60 days of juicing, he not only loses 100 lbs, but he also gets off all of his medications. How impressive is that?

Anyway, I’m super gullible and easily sucked in, so I instantly wanted to do a juice fast. Full in, all or nothing, head first… Or at least one or two times, experimenting… not really fasting at all, more like supplementing with juice, for now.

I borrowed a juicer from a friend (the juicer that he used in the movie, the Breville). I liked it, but it was a little messy and tedious to clean up. I do not have much of an attention span so I turned to my darling hubby to do some research for me. He came back with some interesting info. For example, slow juicers hold most of their nutrients for up to 72 hours where as the centrifugal juicers you should drink them almost immediately. Centrifugal juicers are not great for leafy greens and the blades spin so fast they create a bit of heat, which also kills nutrients.

Sooooo…. with that info in mind, I’m very interested in the Hurom Slow Juicer, which seems to be the poorish-man’s Omega.



What are your thoughts? Do you have any juicing experience? I’d love advice and any tips!


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Cyber Monday Sale!

Monday, December 2, 2013 @ 12:12 PM
posted by mrscaz

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Jen Rodgers
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Gobble, Gobble – Let’s give thanks

Monday, November 25, 2013 @ 11:11 PM
posted by mrscaz

Turkey day is just around the corner and while I am salivating just thinking about the amazing food I will inevitably be over indulging in, I have noticed a trend. Now, I noticed this trend last year, but didn’t think much about it other than, “awe, that’s nice”, but this year, it’s everywhere. What’s this trend? It’s the “I’m thankful for…” posts on Facebook. (yes, I scroll through Facebook while working at the kids belts office, it’s marketing, right?).

I love the idea behind this trend and I am glad that so many people are thankful (even though they should be thankful everyday anyway). I mean if you take the time to reflect on the positives, like what you are thankful for, then you begin to create positive energy. That, my friend, is a wonderful thing.

But you know what would be more wonderful? What if we changed it up a little? What if we took a moment to be what someone else is thankful for? That sounds a little wonky, what I mean is, what if we do something that makes someone else think “Man, I am so thankful for…” Imagine the impact. Now, I’m not suggesting that you should do things to try to have someone tag you in their Facebook status (“I’m so thankful that so and so did this for me!”) and then you pat yourself on the back, I suggesting maybe a few random acts of kindness.

Here are a few suggestions…

  • When you are in the drive-thru grabbing your morning coffee, pay for the person behind you
  • Check out the lay away section of your local box store and pay off someone’s lay away
  • Offer to buy lunch for that guy or gal you always see standing on the corner (don’t offer them a ride, you can always bring the food to them, remember to be safe!)
  • Volunteer to serve food (or donate food) at your local food bank
  • Hold the door open for that woman pushing the stroller with one hand and holding the hand of a toddler in the other
  • Smile at someone
  • Offer to help someone get something off the shelf at the store if they can’t reach
  • Leave an encouraging note on someone’s windshield in the parking lot
  • Order water when you go out to eat and leave the server what you would have spent on beverages (above and beyond your normal tip)
  • Leave an encouraging note on a friends door

And so on… There’s your challenge, make someone else thankful. Can you do it? Please share your experience!

Now I leave you with Kid President’s “20 Things We Should Say More Often”…


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor


30 Days Hath September

Monday, November 4, 2013 @ 04:11 PM
posted by mrscaz

So, yea, here it is November and I just realized that the last time I blogged was in September. *facepalm*

In my defense, it has been a very busy month or so in the world of kids belts. Basically, the whole end of September and first half of October was lost the black hole that is ABC Kids Expo. This is the largest trade show we do and so it takes time to plot and scheme er… plan and set up! (but more about that in a minute) Then, the whole end of October is spent recovering and rebuilding inventory from all of the shows orders. Needless to say, we have been on a non stop freight train and happily, it’s slowing back down to a manageable pace.

Back to the ABC Kids Expo. This year rocked! We were so excited to be going back to Vegas and had very high hopes for this show. Let me tell you this, it did not disappoint. We had some great face time with a several of our current retailers and were able to add many to retailers to the mix!

I know you are asking, “But what does that mean for me, the end customer?” Well, I’m glad you asked! It means there are more stores for you to actually walk into and pick up Dapper Snappers. “But, Chelle, where are these stores that you speak of?” There is a list of all of our retailers on our website, which lets you narrow it down to search  in your state! See how easy we try to make it for you, our loyal, wonderful customers!

The other great part about the ABC Kids Expo this year was that there was a large presence of international distributors. It’s hard for manufacturers to gain traction in other countries with our a distributor simply because shipping costs are prohibitive for a small store. For example, a small store could place an order for $250 in product and have to spend an additional $50 in shipping and that doesn’t include any duties or taxes. Basically, they would have to sell Dapper Snappers for a ridiculous amount, or not make any money on them at all (and what would be the point in that?). When we work with distributors, the shipping and handling cost can be spread over much larger quantities and that makes it way more affordable for our international stores. The bottom line is that we are thrilled to have made so many connections with distributors at this event!

Anyway, that’s what I have been up to the last few weeks. How about you? Anything interesting you want to share?


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor


September? Fall?

Monday, September 16, 2013 @ 09:09 PM
posted by mrscaz

Did you get the memo? It’s September and I honestly can’t believe it. Have I gotten so wrapped up in kids belts that I have completely lost half a year? Well, while I’d like to say “Yes, that’s it, I was completely engrossed in Dapper Snappers and lost half a year!” But the truth is I’ve been engrossed with life.

I know, we are all engrossed in life, it happens to all of us. Life, that is.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been super busy at the office, what with new patterns (I’ll blog about that more tomorrow), new packaging (I’m sure I’ll share soon), new employees and getting ready to go to the ABC Kids expo in October and all, but life outside the office has been hectic, too.

What’s been going on, you ask? Well, other than the normal rat race that is having kids in any kind of extracurricular activities, this happened…

Which lead to this…

Which sucked up several weeks of my life because I, of course, am left-handed. (and you know us lefties, we’re never right!)

Did I also mention that I have taken up the hobby of doing nails (you know, manicures and such, I’m licensed, you know?)? Well, that’s pretty impossible to do when you are rockin’ a cast. And yes, I rocked it and even bedazzled it…

Now, I’m not going to go into details of “how” and “why” but I will say that safety cones are not all that safe. Not even when they are in a large group seemingly screaming “STAY AWAY”…. Nope, not safe at all.


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Look ma, no hands!

Monday, June 24, 2013 @ 11:06 AM
posted by mrscaz

Did you see Nik Wallenda tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon last night? Sounds like the beginning of a joke, huh? Well, it’s not, in case you haven’t heard. (Not sure how you could miss it, everyone is talking about it!)

He really did it last night, and I tell you, it was a nail-biter. My assistant, Jen, even posted about it on the kids belts Facebook page.

“Aerialist Nik Wallenda completed a tightrope walk that took him a quarter mile over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday.

Wallenda performed the stunt on a 2-inch-thick steel cable, 1,500 feet above the river on the Navajo Nation near the Grand Canyon. He took just more than 22 minutes, pausing and crouching twice as winds whipped around him and the rope swayed.

“Thank you Lord. Thank you for calming that cable, God,” he said about 13 minutes into the walk.

Wallenda didn’t wear a harness and stepped slowly and steady throughout, murmuring prayers to Jesus almost constantly along the way. He jogged and hopped the last few steps.

The event was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel.” CBS News


Wow, talk about crazy! I can’t even climb a ladder without getting a little nervous, let alone even think about attempting a similar feat at even 10 ft off the ground. Think about the focus he must have had. (I won’t even talk about my focus, look squirrel!) One misstep and it would have been over and not just the stunt, but his whole life. I’m just thoroughly amazed at this but at the same time I can help but think, “why on earth would you want to?” Well, when he was asked he said, “I’m carrying on a legacy, this is in my blood…” Wallenda said afterwards. “It’s such a huge honor to be able to carry on the legacy in a huge fashion like this.”

Speechless, I’m just speechless…


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor


Beautiful Weather

Monday, June 10, 2013 @ 10:06 PM
posted by mrscaz

It’s Monday and that means it’s time for me to talk about “What’s New” around the kids belts factory, locally, nationally or the world. So, what’s new around here? Beautiful weather (in case you didn’t gather that from the title), that’s what. It has been rainy, dreary, tropical stormy and all around gloomy for the past few weeks. As someone who has gotten used to the gorgeous Florida sun, it has put a damper on my mood.

Ok, I know that I come from Oregon and I should be used to never ending rain, but there is something about the sun down here. Once you have been around it for any length of time, you get addicted. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good rain storm (usually around 3:30/4:00pm every day during the summer for about 30 minutes), but days and really weeks of rain wear on you.

Not to mention, it wears on the kids being inside all the time, ALL.THE.TIME… Seriously? Rain with thunder and lightening? I can’t even let them play in the rain to get out some energy. They sit in the house and entertain each other for all of 5 minutes and then they are at each others throats. Needless to say, I am so very thankful that today was beautiful out (except for our regularly scheduled afternoon sun shower). For those of you who haven’t experienced one, yes, it actually is sunny and rainy at the same time, so weird.

I’m not really a “beach” person, but I tell you what, days like today make me want to change my mind. The relaxing sound of the waves, the soothing sea breeze, the smell of the salt water, the warmth of the sun on my face, a good book loaded on my iPad… Yea, I might just change my mind. Wouldn’t you?

Days like today make me wonder how anyone could not love this area. Sure, it has it’s faults at times, but man, a beautiful day can erase all of that.


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor


Summer is Around the Corner aka Swimsuit Dilemma

Monday, May 6, 2013 @ 11:05 AM
posted by mrscaz

You know what that means, right? Swimsuit season… ugh. Now as an adult, I don’t concern myself too much with the whole swimsuit thing. I think they are highly overrated. However, I love swimsuit shopping for the kiddos. They are all so stinking cute! The one problem I run into is with Super Dude and his long legs. When I get a suit that “suits” him in the length (ie no shorty shorts allowed!), they are way too big for him in the waist. This presents a dilemma, he can’t wear a belt with swim trunks… hmm… what could we do… There should be an easy solution… Oh, yea! Dapper Snappers kids belts to the rescue again!

“How”, you ask? “Swim suits don’t have belt loops”, you exclaim. That’s easy, we have our wonderful add on clips!

I don’t know why it didn’t come to me before, but they work great. We just picked a color that closely matched his suit added the clips and cinched away. Tada! His swim suit stays up with no problem and I don’t have to compromise his coolness by sewing in belt loops on all of his swim trunks so he can wear a belt. I’m sure he thanks me for that. The clips are stainless steal so they shouldn’t rust, but you should rinse and dry them after ever use to prevent any kind of build up, especially if you are using them at the beach.

My assistant told me that she’s been using them with her son since last summer (that’s her son in the blue in the pic above and apparently he was wearing one then). Well, gee, thanks for keeping me in the loop! She says her son doesn’t even notice it.  “I like getting his suit a little big so he gets lots of wear from it. He can still fit in his from last year, but we bought a second one and it’s big around the waist, so I’ll be using Dapper Snappers and the clips again this year. It just makes it so easy!” – Jen

I know that some swim trunks come with the string to tighten them, but with the little boys, they are sometimes hard to find. I guess they figure that the little ones will just untie them. Anyway, I hope this helped solve a swim suit problem for you, I know it did for me!


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor


Earth Day – 5 Tips

Monday, April 22, 2013 @ 12:04 PM
posted by mrscaz

Happy Earth Day from all of us here at the kids belts office!

In honor of this holiday (is it really a holiday? Shouldn’t someone be giving me gifts or something?), here are some simple tips on how to be more green.

  1. Flip the switch: Yep, just turn of that light when you leave a room. Also, if you have a room that gets great natural lighting, don’t turn on a light at all! (Bonus tip: change out all of your light bulbs for those low energy ones that last forever and save money, too!)
  2. Tap water: Did you know that the bottled water industry sold 8.8 billion gallons of water in 2010, generating nearly $11 billion in profits and the energy required to produce and transport these bottles could fuel an estimated 1.5 million cars for a year. According to 1500 plastic water bottles are used EVERY SECOND!!! Wow, all that just to have someone else fill up a bottle for me and slap a label on it. Make a commitment to make this small change: Fill up your own water bottle! Yes, it is that easy!
  3. Peddle Power: No, not “flower power”, peddle power. Try to start eliminating one car trip a week by riding your bike. Headed to the store down the street for a few things? Ride your bike instead of turning the key. It’s a small change that can add up!
  4. Be a Bag Lady: Bring your own bags to the grocery store or farmers market. You eliminate the waste of plastic or paper bags, plus some stores, like Target, give you 5¢ off your total for every bag you use. Bonus!! Save the Earth and save money!
  5. Up-cycle: This one is my favorite. Instead of buying new and getting the same thing that everyone else has, go thrift shopping! Get something gently used and make it your own with a new coat of paint, or a coat of furniture wax. Same goes for clothes. I have been to thrift stores where the clothes on the racks still have the original tags! Bring it home and wear as is, or add your own touch, change up that t-shirt into a tank. Pinterest has tons of ideas on up-cycling clothing!

There you have it, now start hugging some trees and make everyday Earth Day, after all, it’s the only planet we’ve got!


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor