Customer Retention Department?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 @ 09:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

By now, you all know that we have moved and I have really realized just how much I hate the entire process. I despise packing, moving boxes, cleaning the old place, unpacking, switching all of our services, changing our address on everything, and the list goes on an on…

This time, I feel like I have truly seen the whole customer service picture come full circle. Starting with the the AT&T fiasco of a phone call that I wrote about in an earlier blog and ending with the latest in what I call a fantastic deal.

I am just amazed at the level and quality of customer service when they’re put to the test, but why is it that you can’t get that service unless you threaten to leave? Once I tried to cancel one service to go to another provider, I was promptly transferred to the Customer Retention Department. Huh, really? Why can’t this just be the customer service department? Why are there so many levels of customer relations and why does it remind me of an onion? Why do I have to be transferred to yet another person who is “authorized” to give me the best deal out there? And why am I asking so many questions that I know you don’t have the answer to?

I have to say that I must be in a different world than companies like AT&T and DirecTv because where we come from in the world of kids belts, customer service is our bread and butter. It seems like with small businesses good customer service is expected or you get no business and word-of-mouth makes or breaks us, yet, that gets lost on big businesses. They can pretty much get away with what they want because they have a sea of customers to draw from. I guess I just don’t get where the line is drawn from little company making a living on customer service and a big company who wouldn’t know what customer service was if you laid it out in front of them.

Plus, I’m really frustrated at the fact it takes an act of congress to get a live person on the phone. Then, I think you have to pay extra for ones that speak (or more importantly, understand) English. Although, there is a great resource out there for immediate contact without the endless maze of questions the stupid automated system asks as I scream “CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE!!!!!”. (I might be a little frustrated there) Have you checked out It is an amazing website that gives you the coveted important phone numbers that will take you to a living and breathing person, NOT a recording! AND… they also have an app!

In short (or not so short as the case may be) where is that good ole’ fashioned customer service, where you are greeted with a smile and a “how may I assist you?” and not “Hi, my name is Peggy…” (insert obscure foreign accent here)


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