Customer Service Gone Wrong Part 3: “WOW” Me!

Saturday, October 2, 2010 @ 05:10 PM
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I sit here staring at a box with bright orange stickers on every side that shout “Saturday”. The box containing the order I originally wanted arrived just as arranged. How did this happen? Well, there is more to the story than just the end, that’s for sure. What started off as a problem with an order quickly escalated into a serious case of the unhappy customer versus the clueless customer service agents. It was then further exasperated by ignored emails and returns that were less than helpful.

Yesterday, after an unsigned canned congratulatory email (well actually only 1 line of an email) I can only assume was sent to me accidentally, I had enough. That was the last straw. It made no sense to me at all except that someone wasn’t paying attention and no one was addressing my requests. I sent this email:

Ok. Well, it’s been almost another 24 hours since I wrote back and the only response I’ve received is a partial canned email without the courtesy of a signature. What is going on over there anyway?

Could you maybe have a supervisor, or someone with some authority contact me? This issue really needs to be addressed by someone in charge.


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2 hours later, the phone rang. Jennifer from XYZ was calling to see what could be done to remedy the situation. Since I had already given up, I didn’t hold high hopes for a resolution to my satisfaction. We spoke about the problem that occurred and then looked over the order that went through. I explained the changes in my order and how it was going to be about $150 more than what was sent. Jennifer took the situation as an opportunity to “wow” me. She not only took my order over the phone, but she gave me the extra product I had ordered for free. She had the original shipment recalled and overnighted the order I wanted, at no extra charge.

Then we had a nice long talk about customer service. She and I agreed wholeheartedly about the situation and how it should have been dealt with differently. I would go into the details now, but I want to use this situation as a case study for Customer Service Week next week. Needless to say, the conversation lasted about an hour. And not once did I feel like she wasn’t listening. I felt understood. She did it right, and I will forever be a loyal customer to XYZ.

Why after all that trouble would I remain loyal? Well, I am a customer service geek. I love XYZ and I want to see them succeed. They just need a little pushing in the right direction. For most people, being told nothing can be done about the problem would have broken the relationship and they wouldn’t have said anything, they would just have never ordered again. The statistics of business lost because of poor customer service is staggering! I don’t want to see that happen for XYZ. They have a great company.

So, next week I will delve into what went wrong and how to get it right. There’s a lot of good stuff coming!

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One Response to “Customer Service Gone Wrong Part 3: “WOW” Me!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow, great ending! You know why it was so much better this time? Because Jennifer’s are smart!

    (not from company XYZ)