Dapper Snapper Review by Simply Sherryl

Thursday, May 9, 2013 @ 09:05 PM
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Here’s a blog review from Simply Sherryl raving about Dapper Snappers kids belts!

Dapper Snapper Review

Dapper Snapper

I was excited when I received a Dapper Snapper to review. My grandson is a tank. He suffers from “toddler belly”. That is when your shirt rides up and your pants ride down, leaving the belly exposed! His parents can fix the shirt by just putting on a larger size, but the pants, well… larger just means larger! They still don’t fit but now the problem is that they are just too big and fall off. This is where Dapper Snapper comes to the rescue.

Dapper Snapper Review on Simply Sherryl

I love that Dapper Snappers are adjustable and since they are placed in the back, they do not interfere with a child dressing themselves, potty training or diapering. Once in place, the child will likely forget they even have it on.

What is so nice about this product, is whether your child is skinny and their pants are the right length but too big in the waist or have a more solid child and need the extra in the waist, Dapper Snapper belts will be a lifesaver!

Dapper Snapper toddler belt is not like any other belt, it is actually a sturdy piece of elastic with snaps on it.

Dapper Snapper Review on SimplySherryl

Dapper Snappers are not just for toddlers! They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes – from toddlers to adults – they even have belts that will allow you to stay in your regular clothes longer when expecting.

To use a Dapper Snapper, simply slip each end of the belt through a couple of belt loops on any pair of pants. Fold back over the loop and snap long the line making the waist as snug as needed.

Dapper Snapper

If your child like pants without belt loops, Dapper Snappers Clips will attach to the belts and you can still have the fit needed.

Dapper Snappers are available in Toddler Belts, Kids Belts, Boys Belts, Girls Belts, Clips for pants without loops, and even for men and women. This is truly a product that works for just about everyone!


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