Deal or No Deal?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 @ 04:03 PM
posted by mrscaz

There have been a few times where, in order to keep our brand name fresh in the minds of our consumers, we have sold Dapper Snappers kids belts to a deal of the day site. Baby Steals has been wonderful to work with and they do a great job. But now is the time to move on to bigger things.

While we feel that the “deal” sites have been great for building brand awareness, we do also want to keep our brand name at a premium and don’t want to cheapen it any by doing a deal every other week. We want to keep our retailers strong and the deal sites have been wonderful advertising for us and all our retailers. We have had so many new stores call us asking about carrying Dapper Snappers because a customer came in asking for it after seeing it on one of those deal sites.

Deal sites have definitely helped us get to where we are, however now it’s time to set our focus on other forms of advertising. Two weeks ago, we just sent a team to New York, NY to really introduce Dapper Snappers to the northeast at ENK Children’s Club. We were welcomed with open arms are are very excited to be adding retailers to the northeast! You just wait, we will take them by storm!

So, even though we won’t be doing anymore “deal of the day” sites for Dapper Snappers Toddler Belts, rest assured that you can still get great deals on our wonderful belts! There are most likely stores in your area that carry them (and if they don’t, you should be asking them to!) as well as online retailers where you can shop with your coffee in hand and without even changing out of your pj’s! What could be easier than that?? Well, ok, just sitting around in your pj’s drinking coffee would be easier than that, but then your kid’s pants would still be falling down, and then they will get tickets for indecent exposure, and then they will have a RAP sheet that will need to be expunged when they become an adult which will cost money with attorney and court fees and they will start out adulthood in debt and you don’t want that… (Ok, I may be watching way too much Law & Order lately, and I know that I totally overused the word and in that incredibly long run-on sentence.)


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