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Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 05:08 PM
posted by mrscaz
It's ON!

It's ON!!!

So I need your help. The story below is the long of it, but if you don’t have time to read it, I totally understand. The short of it is this:

I’m trying to get an audition for Dapper Snappers Kids Belts for a new tv show called Born By Moms with Ali Landry.

The TOP 10 Mompreneurs with the most “likes” for their products on Spokesmoms wall will be guaranteed to be auditioned!

Please help out by:

1) “Like” fan page

2) “Like” my post

3) Tell your friends!

Thank you!!

Now here’s the long of it…
First, I received this email press release on Friday:
For Immediate Release
ABC Kids Expo Partners with Creators of “Biggest Loser” and to Launch New Reality Series at 2011 Show
All Baby & Child, Inc. and the ABC Kids Expo® are excited to announce the launch of a new reality TV show, “Born by Moms,” at the 2011 ABC Kids Expo in Louisville, KY., in association with seasoned veteran TV producer Mark Koops (creator and executive producer of “Biggest Loser”) will be holding their first open casting calls for the series at the tradeshow.
This new television production focuses on products invented by mompreneurs—entrepreneurs who happen to be moms. The show will be hosted by Ali Landry, who is expecting her second child, and will create an unprecedented opportunity for new companies to spotlight their products and generate immediate interest as only national television coverage can.
Unlike other shows that discover new products, “Born by Moms” will focus on the vision and story of the mom behind the product. “Born by Moms” is the brainchild of Anthony Samadani and Ali Landry, founders of, a new web site launching in early October to provide intuitive product reviews and help moms make better informed choices when buying baby and child products.
One lucky mompreneur will win a $5000 investment to help her build on her dream simply for auditioning for the series at the 2011 ABC Kids Expo. For information about auditioning, contact SpokesMoms Productions at or (310) 405-9100.
For information about the tradeshow, visit or call the ABC Hotline at (210) 691-4848.

Can you guess what happened? Within the 1/2 hour, the email box was full. Within an hour, the voicemail box was full. So what did they do?

Emailed 5 hours later stating this:

Due to the amazing and overwhelming response to Born by Moms press release from the ABC Kids Expo on 8/19/2011, the phone lines and email have been swamped and many people have been unable to get through to the phone number listed.

As a result the producers are requesting that you PLEASE visit their Facebook page: and then “LIKE” them. Then post your product and background information and the producers will follow up with you individually regarding auditions. If you do not have a Facebook account, please continue to email SpokesMoms Productions at

After doing as requested, along with hundreds of other mamapreneurs, SpokesMoms posted this as an official announcement on their facebook page:


The TOP 10 Mompreneurs with the most “likes” for their products on the Spokesmoms wall on will be guaranteed to be auditioned, and then be qualified to win the Born From Moms $5,000 Grand Prize!

So start promoting now and Guarantee your opportunity to audition for Born By Moms

Thank you!

It seems to me that they are making it up as they go along. But that’s okay. I do that too! Of course, now its ON!

So now it’s my turn to beg of you to PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP “Like” my post at so that I can qualify to be auditioned for the show. I would really Really REALLY appreciate it.  (You won’t be able to like my post until you like the fan page.

Thank you. Big Hugs. :)


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