Free Coffee? Yes, Please!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 @ 09:07 AM
posted by mrscaz

What’s better than coffee? Free coffee of course! What’s better than free coffee? Free coffee at my favorite place, Starbucks. Occasionally on my way in to the kids belts office, I take the long way in (and by long way, I mean completely out of the way, by like 3 or 4 miles) and grab a cup o’ joe at Starbucks.

Well, the other day I got in line at the drive-thru even though I was thinking at the time “This line is really long.” The first few cars moved quickly and it was time for me to place my order for my tall non-fat toffee nut mocha latte, no whip, no foam (I’m a bit high maintenance). The barista repeated my order and ta-da, I was on my way to coffee goodness!

And then the line stopped… For reasons unknown to me, I was now trapped in the drive-thru (there’s that pesky concrete median and all). I’m a patient person, but after literally 5 minutes, I started getting antsy. If I could have left I would mainly because that whole five minutes not one car had moved. The same car was still at the window. A few more minutes went by and then finally, the car drove off! Yay, here we go!. The next car went quickly but the one after that got held up again. Seriously, what’s going on?

From the time I ordered to the  time I made it to the window, I had been sitting in my car in the drive-thru for over 20 minutes (yes, I timed it). I had my arm out the window with my cash in hand when the barista opened it and said, “We are so sorry for your wait, you drink is on us.” What! Sweet! That’ totally made up for it in my book. But, wait, can I upgrade my order???

I was really impressed that did that. They certainly didn’t have to and I still would have been back. I also wasn’t complaining or asking for a free drink, but they did it nonetheless and I was impressed.

It seems that there has been a run on good customer service lately, and I like it. My assistant posted this on Facebook yesterday:

So, I had a bad experience twice at a local Chipotle Mexican Grill, so I emailed the company and within 45 minutes I had a response and the next day I had a call from the manager of said restaurant asking what she could do to fix the problem and what had happened. Needless to say I am VERY impressed with their customer service and we will definitely be back. I knew we loved that place for a reason (besides the amazing food!). Have you had any great customer service experiences lately? ~Jen

I don’t know if it’s because of the whole Golden Corral debacle or what, but I don’t care. I’m glad that good customer service is cool again.


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