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Wednesday, June 8, 2016 @ 09:06 AM
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As parents we must, must, must keep our sense of humor. If you don’t, it can get pretty ugly. With that in mind, take a moment to have a laugh reading some short, sweet and funny tweets from parents recently posting to Twitter.

A.A. White @YesIAmAmes
Yes child, I see your hand under the door. No I’m not coming out until I finish this Snickers bar.

Lurk @ Home Mom @LurkAtHomeMom
If anyone needs me, I’ll be frantically doing head counts of my children over and over until all the pools are closed again. twitter-1183719_1280

Grace and Champ @GraceandChamp
Sometimes I think my kids listen to me periodically because they know it’ll throw me and they like to keep me on my toes.

Tiffany Hunter @lifeattiffanys
It’s an hour past bedtime and somehow I’m laying in my kid’s bed alone… I don’t think I’m doing this parenting thing right.

Missy Collingsworth @SurvivingMyBoys
I’m completely open and honest with my boys.
Unless they ask me if I have any chocolate in the house.

Kristin @FeralCrone
Usually, dropping my son off at school goes smoothly. Today, however, he called after me “Wait! What if Santa dies? What happens then?”

Sara Says Stop @PetrickSara
I told my son he could invite the neighbor kids over for a swim and now there are no less than 35 kids in our pool.

Danielle Herzog @martinisandmini
My son told me he likes my hair pulled back because it looks like a zebra with all my gray hair. So I threw out all my ponytail holders.

Ramblin’ Mama @ramblinma
When your kid is a baby: “I can’t wait til they learn to talk!”
When your kid is 2+: “OMG ENOUGH, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.”

mark @TheCatWhisprer
My toddler slept in 15 extra minutes today to ensure she could stay awake the entire 3 day weekend.

the Mom TruthBomb @momTruthBomb
Mom Truth #37: There are certain articles of children’s clothing that will never be worth folding.


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