Halloween is just around the corner!

Monday, October 24, 2011 @ 08:10 AM
posted by mrscaz

Crinkle… crinkle… rip… crunch, crunch, crunch….

That is me enjoying a piece of tasty Halloween candy that my kids have so graciously procured for my enjoyment uh… testing, yea, that’s right, testing… you know for razor blades and poisons and such. I’m a giver like that I have to make sure every little piece is safe for my precious little bundle of joy. I personally don’t even like candy. Horrid stuff it is, but I will take one for the team when needed.

Back to Halloween… I love this holiday (all Fall holidays, really) because I get a chance switch my creativity from kids belts to costumes! This year, just like every year, I asked Bug and Super Dude what they want to be for Halloween.

Bug wants to be Jessie from Toy Story.

Cool! That seems easy enough. Red cowgirl hat… Check! Cowgirl boots… Check! I can very easily take a white shirt and add the yellow trim as well as add cow print fabric to a pair of her old jeans. Add one braid and a yellow bow and ta da, Jessie from Toy Story. I just have to find a cowgirl belt buckle to add to one of her belts. That may be the trickiest part… ah who am I kidding, I’m in FL, there are big buckles all over the place. Bug will be so excited!

Now, on to my sweet little Super Dude. When I asked him, he said he wants to be a Spooky Buddy (have you seen these movies before? They are ridiculous).

Uh huh… So let me get this straight, he wants to dress up as a dog that’s dressed up like a human wearing a priate’s costume? Great, cause that’s easy to put together. Why oh why was he cursed with my vivid imagination? That’s like 3 costumes in one. Super Dude has the utmost faith that mommy will pull through, though, so I will. The things I do for my kids!

Alright, I guess I better get started on these costumes. I only have a week to put them together. I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: So, since I wrote this post, both of my kids have changed their minds (of course). Now, Bug is going to be a Jedi and Super is going to be Boba Fett. Talk about obscure. At least these were costumes I could purchase so that makes it easy, but it did lead to a long discussion about whether or not a girl could be a Jedi.

Boba Fett


I have to ask, what are you (or your kids) going to be for Halloween?

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