I Feel Like Such a Fool!

Thursday, September 1, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
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I should’ve moved this post over from my old blog a very long time ago, but I forgot about it until the topic came up in a mamapreneurs group I belong to. I was young in the toddler belts realm back then and didn’t know any better, but I should’ve. This was originally posted June 10, 2009.

I feel like such a fool. I am disappointed. Beyond disappointed really. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t write this post because a) I will look like a fool to everyone else, b) I should have known better. You be the judge… (all names have been omitted or changed to x’s to protect all involved…well except me that is.)

I couple months ago, I got on a website to help me get contact info for celebrities. My hope of course was to send Dapper Snappers to these people and either have my product spotted on their children or at least have something from them saying how wonderful they think my product is. I still haven’t sent any out…ugh. Anyway… I saw the Celebrity Gifting Opportunities and thought, Hey! This could work. I send them product and for a nominal fee I get the opportunity I’m hoping for…right?
I contacted the celebrity gifting company and got caught up in the excitement of gifting an Anonymous celebrity (no, they wouldn’t tell us who it was for – just adding to the suspense) who was expecting a baby boy. I did the works with customizing and quadruple checking quality of the Dapper Snappers. I sent special packaging with it and a self addressed stamped envelope with nice blank note card so they could write back those words I longed for (I just LOVE the Dapper Snappers! Thank you so much!!! etc). And I paid the not so nominal fee of $75.00 that I really couldn’t afford, but I was taking a gamble. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not gamble…ever.
The possibilities were endless. I just didn’t think about the other extreme “possibilities”. So imagine my disappointment today when I finally got my note back, and it was signed by some guy I’d never heard of. I looked him up and he’s one step above an extra. He’s not even a B-list celebrity. I feel cheated, misled, and stupid.
What was I thinking? I won’t put a quarter in a slot machine, but I give this company $75?
I decided to write an email. I haven’t sent this email yet and am not sure it would even do any good. When I started the email, I was very angry. I rewrote it until I came across as more sensible and understandably upset. Hubby said it sounds like I’m acting as an upset mom and not a business. I’m not sure it matters. They didn’t make any promises other than I was guaranteed a response. I have no legal recourse. All I can do is be angry.
Here’s the email. Again, name’s protected, etc.
I received the reply today. Who is Sxxxx Txxx? I thought all the secrecy was because it was an A list celebrity. I can’t use his autograph for anything. I basically wasted $75 and product for this note back to me:
Toddler Tech,
Thank you for your lovely gift.
All the best.
Scribbled autograph
That is unacceptable. I, like other product-based businesses that gift celebrities, had hopes that Dapper Snappers would be given to someone well-known, and that maybe someday their child would be spotted wearing a Dapper Snapper, thus promoting my brand, and of course all the wonderful success that follows a product spotting. I also had hoped for a better response (something I could use immediately on my press page) than “Thank you for your lovely gift.” It doesn’t even mention what I gave him. I am so disappointed.
No one knows who he is. I can’t even find any information about his family, or any new baby boy. Your service has done nothing for me but waste my money. I feel like such a fool.
Needless to say, I won’t be doing business with your company again.
So I am a fool. It was a dumb thing to do. I am going to go kick myself for a while. And maybe pout a bit. Yeah…pouting sounds good. Sigh…
toddler belts gift
Update: Just so you know, the company that scammed me was…
I did write them and they never replied to me. They ignored every attempt to contact them. They’ve got their money, why would they want to give it back? Whatever…
The celebrity I had gifted has since become a B+ish celeb, but he never takes his son out in public. I’m not even sure he has a son. I can’t even find any evidence that he and his wife have had any children. So what was that gifting worth to me? Absolutely nothing!
But since then, I have used another company; KT Giftings. While I still got a generic note back (from Alyssa Milano), I knew who I was gifting and the price was very reasonable. I’m not sure she’ll ever use the Dapper Snappers Moms belts or the Dapper Snappers Toddler Belts I sent, but she did get them.  And I’m pretty sure she’ll be out and about with her little boy a lot. I will gift through them again. If you want to get in on the action, check out the KT Giftings Facebook page. I’m hoping to gift more celebs that take their kids out a lot. Maybe eventually, someone will notice a Dapper Snapper on a mini-celeb and a photographer will get a snapshot to put on the front of People Magazine so I can put a little blurb on my Press Page for “As Seen On” blah, blah, blah. Maybe it’s all just for bragging rights.
What do you think?
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  1. Stephen says:

    Wow… that’s a side of the business that has never ever occurred to me. I didn’t even know that such companies existed, but I can see why they would. It’s unfortunate that your first attempt was a bust, but I’m glad that you didn’t give up. Sounds to me like you used that $75 wisely… as a learning experience.