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Thursday, May 2, 2013 @ 12:05 PM
posted by mrscaz

Ah, radio, you have come a long way. Remember having one of those?? Me neither! I’m not that old, thank goodness! But I do remember the clunky radios we had in the 70′s and it amazes me that I can now listen to the radio on my phone/computer/iPad/iPod/etc…

At the kids belts office it tends to be one of two things, mind splittingly (yes it’s a word, or at least it is to me) quiet or ear drum shatteringly (yep, made up another one) noisy! Either way, I just can’t take it, so I turn to music. Usually, I turn to Pandora, however, I quickly meet my 40 hr limit and I really don’t want to pay for another subscription, so I found iHeartRadio and I love it.

According to their website, “iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital radio service that lets you find more than 1,500 Live Stations or create commercial-free, all-music Custom Stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.” Free?? Yes, free! Sweet, I love free!

What’s cool about iHeartRadio is that you can listen to actual radio shows from all over the country, including some local stations. I can’t do that on Pandora. Here’s more from their website, “Listen to more than 1,500 live radio stations from coast-to-coast including pop, country, urban, rock, talk, and college. Browse radio stations by music genre and location, then hit the scan button to move from radio station to radio station within a format. Let our DJs know what songs are hot or not by giving them a thumbs up or thumbs down.” What? you can rate the songs you hear on their stations? That’s awesome! Justin Bieber… thumbs down!

Don’t want to listen to a radio station? That’s ok, you can put in a song or artist and create your own station! You can listen for hours at a time uninterrupted without it asking “Are you still listening?” You can rate the songs it picks, just like Pandora and it won’t play them again. I think I’m addicted. I typed in “Going back to Cali” (gotta get some old skool LL Cool J) and the amazing thing is…. They actually played it! It was like the 3rd song in, Pandora isn’t like that at all. It takes forever for them to play the song you want to hear. It also has this cool little tuner dial where you can select from 3 options. 1. Familiar (plays mainstream songs that you are familiar with) 2. Mixed (includes lesser known songs that fall into whatever category you have chosen) 3. Less Familiar (will include songs you may have never heard, but might like). It’s nice having the variety.

This app is definitely on my must have list. You should check it out. Also, I want you to know that I have not been paid or anything to write this review. In fact, iHeartRadio has no idea that I am even writing it. I just wanted to share!


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