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Monday, March 17, 2014 @ 09:03 AM
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Ok, It was late, I was bored but not ready for bed so I got sucked into a documentary on late night TV. I was well aware that I should be sleeping, resting for a hard days work at the kids belts factory, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was flipping through channels and something caught my eye, a man talking about losing 100 lbs in 60 days.

Umm… excuse me? 100lbs in 60 days? That’s like 1.666666666666lbs a day! So there I sat watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”. You can read the IMDB here.

fatsickBasically, there’s this guy who has an autoimmune disease and is tired of being medicated for it. He takes matters into his own hands and starts juicing! After 60 days of juicing, he not only loses 100 lbs, but he also gets off all of his medications. How impressive is that?

Anyway, I’m super gullible and easily sucked in, so I instantly wanted to do a juice fast. Full in, all or nothing, head first… Or at least one or two times, experimenting… not really fasting at all, more like supplementing with juice, for now.

I borrowed a juicer from a friend (the juicer that he used in the movie, the Breville). I liked it, but it was a little messy and tedious to clean up. I do not have much of an attention span so I turned to my darling hubby to do some research for me. He came back with some interesting info. For example, slow juicers hold most of their nutrients for up to 72 hours where as the centrifugal juicers you should drink them almost immediately. Centrifugal juicers are not great for leafy greens and the blades spin so fast they create a bit of heat, which also kills nutrients.

Sooooo…. with that info in mind, I’m very interested in the Hurom Slow Juicer, which seems to be the poorish-man’s Omega.



What are your thoughts? Do you have any juicing experience? I’d love advice and any tips!


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One Response to “Juice, Please”

  1. Aaron says:

    The Hurom is pretty good actually, definitely a good choice. Like you said it’s pretty much the poorish-man’s Omega (almost identical to the Omega VRT) However, one problem I have the the Hurom is that it doesn’t do so well on leafy greens and celery (celery sometimes can get stuck because of the long strands, it’ll work fine if you cut it up first though).

    I prefer the Omega 8006 which is actually the same price as the Hurom (299 on Amazon). Either way, you’re making a good choice. The 8006′s specialty is leafy greens but won’t do as good with carrots and hard fruits.

    Source: I’ve been researching and using juicers big time and made a website all about them. http://www.juiceitupp.com/

    My Omega 8006 full review: http://bit.ly/1aZojql
    My Hurom full review: http://bit.ly/1ftuFx2

    Hope this helps!!
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