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Monday, June 24, 2013 @ 11:06 AM
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Did you see Nik Wallenda tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon last night? Sounds like the beginning of a joke, huh? Well, it’s not, in case you haven’t heard. (Not sure how you could miss it, everyone is talking about it!)

He really did it last night, and I tell you, it was a nail-biter. My assistant, Jen, even posted about it on the kids belts Facebook page.

“Aerialist Nik Wallenda completed a tightrope walk that took him a quarter mile over the Little Colorado River Gorge in northeastern Arizona on Sunday.

Wallenda performed the stunt on a 2-inch-thick steel cable, 1,500 feet above the river on the Navajo Nation near the Grand Canyon. He took just more than 22 minutes, pausing and crouching twice as winds whipped around him and the rope swayed.

“Thank you Lord. Thank you for calming that cable, God,” he said about 13 minutes into the walk.

Wallenda didn’t wear a harness and stepped slowly and steady throughout, murmuring prayers to Jesus almost constantly along the way. He jogged and hopped the last few steps.

The event was broadcast live on the Discovery Channel.” CBS News


Wow, talk about crazy! I can’t even climb a ladder without getting a little nervous, let alone even think about attempting a similar feat at even 10 ft off the ground. Think about the focus he must have had. (I won’t even talk about my focus, look squirrel!) One misstep and it would have been over and not just the stunt, but his whole life. I’m just thoroughly amazed at this but at the same time I can help but think, “why on earth would you want to?” Well, when he was asked he said, “I’m carrying on a legacy, this is in my blood…” Wallenda said afterwards. “It’s such a huge honor to be able to carry on the legacy in a huge fashion like this.”

Speechless, I’m just speechless…


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