MOMMY-TO-BE & My Pants Wont Fit Me !!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014 @ 12:12 PM
posted by mrscaz

MOMMY-TO-BE and MY PANTS DON’T FIT ME!!! It wasn’t long ago you found out the exciting news, you’re going to be a mommy! There’s a bun in the oven and you’ve got a whole nine months of baking. Now, we face the changes of our bodies, our moods and maybe what we invest. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth our wardrobe will change. Then there’s the shopping for some maternity clothes, cause we still have to get dressed. Depending on how your body handles the pregnancy we may start to get a little bloated around 9-12 weeks. Shortly after our belly’s get a little tougher and start to expand. It’s hard letting those favorite pants go for the next six months, especially if they are your comfy pair. But what if… you could keep them on for at least another month or two? When our family designed the Dapper Snapper for toddlers, we kept you mommy-to-be in mind. By creating a front end belt that allows an expandable support for the belly, you can wear your favorite pants for another month or so. Boy? Girl? Both? lol, we have all boy and girly girl designs that will suite your trending themes for expanding accessories. Congratulations!


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