New Peeps!

Monday, October 17, 2011 @ 08:10 AM
posted by mrscaz

No, not those Peeps, peeps as in people. However, I did discover while searching for a photo of Peeps, that people do some very disturbing things with Peeps. Apparently there is an annual show dedicated to Peeps dioramas. All I can say is wow. While some are nifty, others are just wrong.

Back to our new people… We are getting so big at kids belts central that we need more hands on deck. This past week we hired two new people to join us on this wild ride. Our first hire is Dee, we brought her on full time and we are very happy to have her. So far she has been fitting in beautifully and even get’s Colleen’s sarcasm, which is way more important than actually doing her job well, because not too many people can actually work with Colleen… (just kidding, Colleen, I fear LOVE YOU!) Dee really is doing a great job. She has been picking up all of the skills necessary to make Dapper Snappers.

We also hired a part timer, Tom. He has also been working out great because for a “big, bad, biker dude” he has a wealth of knowledge about sewing machines! He has also mastered “Big Ben” our snap press machine which is awesome. Tom has made a place for himself and takes the initiative to do stuff before we even ask.

So, this is now what our factory looks like… Ha! We have a room full of 1950′s ish women happily sewing away on antique equipment. Hey we gotta save money somewhere and they work for basically nothing.

It’s still very hard for me to believe how far we have come in 3 short years. Seriously, it started out as a piece of elastic with some snaps on it that I was sewing in my garage and now we are in over 250 retailers and in over 14 different countries. That’s crazy cool!  I have to say that it’s pretty amazing to hear how much mom’s and dad’s love my product and it’s even better to be able to offer a product that is not only very practical but is also affordable at the same time.

However, the more we grow, the more I need people helping me, anyone want to dog sit so I can actually get some work done?


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