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Monday, July 5, 2010 @ 10:07 AM
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How I feel most daysOkay, so let me be the first to admit (before my kids grow up and start the “Remember when Mom…?” thing), I have been known to not be the greatest parent. GASP!!! WHAT?? The inventor of my favorite product was always the greatest mom in all of the world??? Say it isn’t so!

I am a product of my parents parenting skills, which weren’t that great (parents – okay people, skills – not so good). I did the best I could, and like 99% of us, I was trying to do things differently/better than my parents did. I think that in a way we all strive to raise our children better, be the parent we wish our parents were, give them everything we didn’t have and more. I’m not talking material things either. I’m talking about the quality of the relationship we have with them. I’m not saying my parents were necessarily bad. They did the best they could and tried to do it better than their parents. But frustrations get in the way, yelling happens, and parenting is well…hard. Yeah, I know somebody warned me and I just didn’t listen.

I have a friend who, in my eyes is the perfect mom. She has her child under control at all times, has always been consistent, and is the perfect Betty Crocker type. I am incredibly jealous of her. She has more patience than anyone I’ve ever known. And she’s the perfect hostest of all things partyish. I don’t know how she does it, but she does it well. But enough about her…

I am not her. I’m not perfect by a very long shot. But I have discovered there is help out there. In joining a moms group and bearing my soul to complete strangers, I found that we all go through the same things. And I’ve heard it only gets worse as the kids get older. So getting started in changing those behaviors while they are young, not only their behaviors but my own as a parent, is so critical. I didn’t want my kids to remember me as the mom that screamed at them all the time and always told them no. I didn’t yell all the time, but I admit that I yelled way too much.

And let’s not forget that I’m setting the example for the kind of parents my kids will grow up like. If all I ever do is yell, what are the chances they will too? Pretty good. I want to be the kind of parent that I want them to grow up to be like. I’m going to fall short in a lot of ways. It is to be expected. But I’m going to try like the dickens! But where to get started???

Well, Hubby and I have always been very big on communication. It’s why our marriage is so strong. We talk about everything. So shouldn’t communication with my kids be the biggest part of raising them? Yelling was the form of communication I needed to change into something more positive. And I found a way to do it!

There is a program called Talking to Toddlers. When I first started to listen to this audiobook, I was very skeptical. It seemed to me that what I was hearing was hooey. But then I decided to challenge myself. I mean, if I was serious about changing my ways, shouldn’t I give this thing a try to see if it works? So I listened…

Talking to Toddlers cd set

In Talking to Toddlers, author Chris Thomson talks about communicating with children, not just toddlers, in a way I had never even thought of. In what Chris calls “Unique Language Strategies for Parents”, he share’s techniques that REALLY work! It’s not only taken the frustration out of situations that could have completely exploded, but seriously built the groundwork for great communication with my kids.

This is an audio course that you can download and put on your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 listening device. Or, if you’d rather, you can get the CD set shipped to you. There are 12 audio lessons. You listen to only one lesson per day and it takes less than 20 minutes, and then do the homework with each lesson. You HAVE to do the homework. I cannot stress this enough. But it’s easy, and in most cases quite fun. I mean, you can actually use some of these techniques on adults. There is no fluff to it. It’s powerful stuff. He dives straight into teaching you the skills that you’ll be able to use immediately with your kids.

Not only will you get the entire Talking to Toddlers audio course – (nearly 3 hours of content), but you also get:

  • A printable “cheat sheet” – it breaks down all of the audio tracks into their key points along with the “homework” assignments that go along with each lesson. He’s already written down the key points for you!
  • The 60 day guarantee – You are either satisfied, or he doesn’t get paid. The digital files are yours to keep. But trust me, you won’t need the guarantee. It will work.
  • BONUS – you’ll also get a copy of “Show Kids the Fun”, a digital (PDF) activity book that is packed with great ideas to entertain your kids without spending a lot of money. You can’t beat that!

This is definitely going to be the program to save your sanity! I know it’s saved mine. Well…what I have left of it… So go check out Talking to Toddlers! You can get a FREE lesson to try out and not even have to buy anything if you don’t wanna.

Even in the free lesson, you will really get a sense of the kind of guy Chris is. I mean, he’s genuine and honest. He’s upfront about everything.To top it off, he’s got a Canadian accent that keeps trying to sneak out.

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