Oh Yes I FonDid!

Saturday, January 15, 2011 @ 09:01 PM
posted by mrscaz

Remember that cake I was making for my daughter’s 4th birthday party? Well, it turned out pretty okay. My skeptical Bug was gushing over it as soon as I put the doll’s “dress” on. She was so excited! Her only criticism was that the doll’s eyes were brown, and they should be blue like Cinderella. Well, some things can’t be helped.

Princess Doll Cake Top.

She kept telling everyone at the party that her mommy made it for her. Then all the parents would look at me and ask, “You made this???”

Princess Doll cake

Isn't she lovely?

As it turns out, I’m almost as good at making doll cakes as I am at making Kids Belts, not that I’m going to go into business making doll cakes. Hubby did look at costing it out though. I guess he saw my natural bakers talent too. Oh if only I had a bigger kitchen…Ha!

Princess Doll cake in Black and white (because I like it)

Same cake, no color. Just playing with photoshop.

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