Operation CCPM

Friday, July 9, 2010 @ 10:07 PM
posted by mrscaz

Every once in a while, probably more now that is summertime, I will make reference to Operation CCPM. Do not be alarmed! Lol…

Operation Carrot Cake Pumpkin Muffin was named after a failed experiment where I, in my infinite cooking wisdom (insert canned laughter here), decided to try a recipe off the side of the pumpkin bread box that made it look like I could easily turn my pumpkin bread into carrot cake by adding a few ingredients to the mix. Well, they lied! I made my muffins…come to think of it, I didn’t make them into muffins after all, I made a loaf instead. Eh…no matter… It sucked. The kids liked it. It’s not on the Program anyway, so it’s not like I would every try to make it again.

Hubby said “Carrot Cake Pumpkin Muffins? Sounds like it should be a secret code for something!” And then he decided that would be our secret code for going to the beach. We can’t talk about the beach around the kids or else they won’t stop begging to go. So Operation CCPM it is!

And here’s what it looks like…

The Bug and Super Dude at the Beach

Operation CCPM is a success!

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