Prompt Tuesday: Share the Love

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 @ 09:08 PM
posted by mrscaz
Here we go for another Prompt Tuesday! Don’t know what it is? Check it out here.
I’m gonna share the love, but it really is all for one special person, my very own blog crush. I haven’t had much time to write to Deb all the reasons why I admire her so much but it has to do with how much we share in common and how she can take all of it and write it in a way that evokes a strong emotional response from me, usually laughing to the point of tears. So this one’s for Deb and all the fabulousness that she is. Besides, I’m pretty sure she’s the only one that reads my blog anyway…
Sharin’ the Luv:
1) Best post you’ve read this week? Well actually it wasn’t this week, it was from July 15th. I’ve been so busy, I’ve hardly had time to write in my own blog, let alone read anyone else’s. But seriously you have to read Don’t Hire Me for Your Ad Campaign.
2) Latest favorite blog you’ve discovered? That of course would be San Diego Momma. Seriously, I’m not a freaky stalker type, she’s just that good. I read 2 blogs and the other one is about a friend’s family. I just need more suggestions for blogs to read. Have any?
3) Your favorite post from your own blog? My favorite post on my blog is the vlog entry about cleaning a microwave. Why you ask? Because it was my first time in front of a camera and it felt really good. It felt so natural. After all my worries that I was going to suck, I actually did a good job. I’m proud of me! Can you tell?
So that’s it… How about you?
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3 Responses to “Prompt Tuesday: Share the Love”

  1. Bejewell says:

    Awesome choices… who DOESN’T love San Diego Momma? Glad I found you!

  2. Bejewell says:

    (P.S. Your vlog was super cute)

  3. You are WAY too nice to me. Not that I’m complaining or anything. Just saying.

    So glad we discovered each other.

    And? That cleaning microwave segment? BRILLIANT. I tweeted that shizz out. That hot absorbent cloth is going to save me tons of elbow grease.