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Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 04:06 PM
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The Bug, Super Dude, and Daddy make a sand castle

Since we moved to Florida 6 months ago, it’s been a challenge to get used to certain things. See, in Oregon, where I’m from, we only have 2 kinds of ants that invade our house, Carpenter and Sugar. Every once in a while there’s the invasion of the fruit flies. Here in Florida, we are constantly trying to figure out what bug is bugging us this time, and is that ant a fire ant, and why are there lizards in my bathroom. The weather is a shock too. For the first few months it reminded me of oregon, only a little warmer. Oregon is gloomy and rainy for 9 months out of the year with temperatures in the 40s & 50s. Summer there is short. The chances of getting a tan are very small unless you want to spray it on or fake-n-bake. We Oregonians don’t like the heat, because it’s dry and it’s just as hot in the shade as in full sun. But seriously…who needed sunscreen? Goodness, we go out into the sun once and burn, and then we are fine for the rest of the year.

Well, Floridians love being outdoors. Sunscreen? Every day, every hour, all the time. Wait…sunscreen? What?!? My Oregonian beliefs are shattered as I burn not once, but 3 times in just a couple months, the last time being a 2nd degree burn. To be fair, I did wear spf 15 that time, but I failed to reapply. That whole concept of Florida being nearer the equator and therefore nearer the sun just doesn’t register with me. (Must be the moss that grew in my brain from being waterlogged for so long.)

Now… I do, and always have put sunscreen on the babies for planned outings in the sun. They have never burnt. But the stuff I have to put on them is like Elmer’s Glue. It’s sticky, doesn’t spread well, and won’t wash off my hands. I suppose that’s good for them, but I’m not real thrilled about it. Plus, once they are slathered, everything sticks to them, including every speck of that fine Daytona Beach sugar sand. Ugh!

Well, belonging to an awesome group of Mompreneurs has its privileges. One of my fabulous sisters in biz, Holly Thaggard, founder and CEO of Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ was kind enough to send me a few samples of her toxin-free sunscreen since we don’t have it available in stores in Florida. Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ is an awesome sunscreen doesn’t have any of those possible carcinogens such as oxybenzone and paraben endocrine disruptors. There are also no sulfates, phthalates (yeah, I can’t pronounce that one either), synthetic dyes, fragrances, proplyene glycol, nano-particles, or padimate 0. And it’s gluten free.

Dr. T's Supergoop!™ samples

I have to admit that I am partial to the Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ Swipes because they are so easy to use. My son, who is sensitive to everything (and by sensitive I mean Drama King) loves Swipes too because the heat of my hand on it makes it warm to his skin. Lotion is “too cooooooooold!” And spray? Forget it!

Using Supergoop Swipe on Super Dude

And that, my friends, is one happy boy. Super Dude loves Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ Swipes!

I slathered the Bug and myself in Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ Everyday Lotion and let me tell you, it’s amazing! Not greasy at all, Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ Everyday Lotion goes on evenly and dries silky smooth. No more sticky, paste-like sunscreens for us. This family is going all Dr. T’s Supergoop!™!

Want another great reason to buy Dr. T’s Supergoop!™? How about this…Holly (@Supergoop on Twitter) is a mompreneur who, like the rest of us mompreneurs, works continually to make her business a success while carrying on all the duties and responsibilities of being a loving mom to two small kiddos (my own kids’ ages) and a loving wife. It’s hard enough work to raise a family, let alone strive to make a small business prosper in a market full of big corporate competition during a down economy. So give  Dr. T’s Supergoop!™ a try, and if you want to go one further, request of  your locally owned stores (natural food stores, baby boutiques, pharmacies, etc) that they carry it too.

Word of Mom, and mouth, is the best advertising for us small businesses!

I was sent the products mentioned above for free without expectation of review and I was given no other compensation. The review is written based on my opinion. To see my full disclosure policy, please go here.

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