Retesting the WordPress iPhone App

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 @ 02:01 PM
posted by mrscaz

This is my first post using the WordPress iPhone app. I’ve tried to use it before but kept having issues with signing in. It gave me errors until I
gave up and deleted it. Now I’m giving it another try but I want to make note of the things I think should be fixed, not that they’re gonna listen to lil ol’ me.
1. Mystery of the disappearing
The first time I tried to use this app, I signed in, it authenticated my account, and then I clicked on settings. When I saved the settings and went back to the previous page, the
Add Blog button was gone. I had to sign up all over again.
2. No html access. You can’t upload a picture from a URL. It seems like a simple thing you should be able to do. But as Hubby tells me, it’s the simplest sounding things that are the
hardest to program.
3. Crash! The first 3 times
I tried to upload a picture from my phone, the app crashed. But it
did immediately put the crash data in an email with a request that I let them know what I was doing at the time it crashed.
4. No html preview option. I added a picture, but because my blog theme isn’t recognized by them, I can’t get a preview of where it placed. The error I received was “Sorry, the theme for your blog could not be retrieved. A simple preview is shown below.” There’s no content below. Oh well. I can request the picture is placed above or below the content. But I can’t see it in html as I type this out, so I won’t even know if it posted.
5. What’s that tag? I can’t pick from tags I haveused already. I have to guess. That’s not cool.
6. No picture attributes. I can’t change the title of the picture, add comments to it, give it alt text, or place it in the center. The only thing I can do it tell it what size I want, but even that’s a guess because it doesn’t tell me the dimensions until after I chose the “Medium” size.
7. No access media library. I already store my signature I use at the end of each post in my media library but I can’t get to it.
8. Noaccess to spam. I hate that I can’t dump the garbage. I also don’t like it when there’s even one unread email in my inbox. So not being able to delete the 100 spam comments I get every day bugs me. I have to get on my laptop and do it. By the time I get there, I’m facing 600 spam comments instead.
9. No enhanced text functionality. Unless I want to thumb-type in all the html tags to make my text italicized, or bold, or even use a strikethrough, it ain’t happening. All bold text you see I had to type in with my thumbs.
10. Picture This! I wanted one, but by the looks of the code I see (a couple line breaks), the picture that should be at the top of this post is not
going to show up no matter how hard I try. I can see though that the video will.


After unsuccessfully
trying several times to get the code for the picture to show up, I rebooted my phone and reuploaded the picture. It looked as though all I would see is a black box and it put the code at the bottom, not at the top as requested. I cut and pasted the code to the top.
I hope it’s not just a black box. I’ve created this post entirely with the WordPress iPhone app, which is, for all of my complaints, free and open source. I’m hoping it gets better soon…

Blessings with a copied signature from another post,

Common Cents Mama - Queen of Kids Belts Just for fun, here’s a test video. This
was taken at the Daytona International Speedway during a practice
event last Sunday.

2 Responses to “Retesting the WordPress iPhone App”

  1. mrscaz says:

    So as you see, that really sucked! :( iPhone App fail!

  2. Stephen says:

    I haven’t had much better luck with the WordPress app… there was a time when I could write a short post if I was out somewhere, but lately (within the last few months) I can hardly seem to get authenticated… and if I DO manage to get access to my blog, I can’t post. I can approve comments or go into the Pages section… but when I try to get into the Post section, if just times out. Frustrating.

    I could never see myself using the phone to post anything more complicated than a few paragraphs, and definitely no pictures. That’s where the laptop or iMac comes in.

    I haven’t deleted the app from my phone yet… but it hardly seems worth while keeping it installed unless it gets a lot better…