Sammy the Terrible

Monday, December 12, 2011 @ 08:12 AM
posted by mrscaz

Just when I thought I had the whole dog training thing down, something new comes up. Chewing…

Ugh… I think she’s bored (because she is in her dog crate for a few hours a day while I’m at the kids belts office) and is taking it out on us, the kids’ toys, random household objects…

When I get home from work, which isn’t late mind you because I head home after getting the kids from school, I let her out of her crate and she immediately goes to the kids rooms and finds the tastiest looking toys and begins to munch away. You would think that Nerf Gun was peanut butter flavored or something.

It’s beginning to get a bit depressing seeing the massacre laid out on Bugs dolls, chewed hands, feet, heads. Poor Bug, I hope she’s not scarred for life. :) Here is the latest victim to fall prey to Sammy’s reign:

In case you can’t tell, that’s a thermometer. My very new thermometer that I had only had for about a week.

Here’s my question, how do I stop this from happening? She’s now 7 months old and I’m wondering if this is still the “puppy” faze or will she always be a chewer? I’m not sure we can afford to keep replacing the things that she is destroying.

I buy her chew bones (she DEVOURS them in minutes). I buy her stuffed chew tpys (they torn to shreds in no time). She chews on sticks in the yard, chair legs, pretty much anything she can get her mouth around! If she was a toddler, I’d swear she was teething. At what point to dogs have all of their teeth? Could that be the problem?

I’m not quite at my wits end, but it’s getting close. We would never get rid of Sam-a-lam-a-ding-dong-doggie, but geesh, my wallet would sure appreciate a reprieve from replacing things!

Any suggestions?

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One Response to “Sammy the Terrible”

  1. JenP says:

    One word Hot Sauce (ok that is 2 words) but i swear it works.
    Our puppy had a thing for chewing chairs.. so I picked one that he liked and put a good dose of hot sauce on it. He doesn’t chew chairs anymore!
    This worked with the little one’s stuffed friends too. I took one of my old ones, put some hot sauce on the belly where I knew he’d chew, and now he won’t touch them. Other things it has worked for is remote controls, my slippers/gym shoes/gloves/wallet, the diaper bag, the desk…..
    The other thing you can do is make a spray bottle of very diluted Apple Cider vinegar and water, and spray puppy when he starts being naughty. We use ACV because it smells horrible, but won’t hurt the puppy.
    Good luck! And hang in there =) Like my mom says “this too shall pass!”