School Days, School Days, Dear Old Golden Rule Days…

Friday, August 19, 2011 @ 08:08 AM
posted by mrscaz

back to school crayons

In case you haven’t seen all of the “Back to School” TV ads, print ads, radio ads, posters, mailers, the meet the teacher flyers, school supply lists and so on and so forth, let me be the first to tell you, “It’s time for the kids to go back to school!” YAY!! Oh, wait, I probably shouldn’t be so excited, but I am.

Super Dude goes back to school on Monday and he couldn’t be more excited (Although I’m not as physically fit as I once was, I am definitely doing cartwheels in my head). He’s going onto first grade this year and I can’t believe it. We have gone through this twice now (pre-k and kindergarten) but doesn’t seem to get any easier. When did he get so big? And where was I when it happened?

We have bought into the hype and purchased all of his “back to school” supplies. He picked out a Transformers “Bumblebee” lunch box and a very cool camo backpack. Don’t get me wrong, I want my son to be “supplied” but it seems like the list gets larger and larger each year. I kind of feel like we are supplying for the whole class! Seems like retailers and the school board are getting together to single handedly improve the economy.

We got to meet his teacher today and I am very pleased. He seemed to really like her, as well. I think this year will be a great year and Super Dude is such a little sponge, he will do amazing.

Bug gets one more week of freedom, but after being stuck with us at the kids belts factory all summer, I think she’s chomping at the bit for some new scenery! I can’t say that I blame her. I mean, I love being here so much I hardly leave long enough to go to sleep (ha ha…), but for a 4 year old, it gets awfully monotonous.

She seems eager to start her pre-k adventure. We will see if that holds up once the day actually gets here. I gave her the option of a princess backpack or a monkey backpack, surprisingly she picked the monkeys! It even came with a super cute, matching lunch box. She’s already had plenty of experience with her new teacher from staying for “Lunch Bunch” after school most of last year.

I am thrilled that they are going back because they need a break and the social interaction (as well as the education) that comes with school, but it’s always a sad day in our household. Seriously…Didn’t they just learn to crawl?

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