Seriously? Did She Just Say That?

Monday, September 20, 2010 @ 11:09 AM
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Yesterday, we participated in a local expo to share Dapper Snappers with moms and those expecting. The show, which billed itself as “Ultimate” was far from it. Half of the exhibitors backed out at the last minute and most of the activities listed were not available. We cut them some slack because it was their first year.

Our booth at a local Expo

Here's our booth, sandwiched between Mary Kay and a Pediatrician. Ah...where else would you put Dapper Snappers?

You should have seen the reactions to Dapper Snappers! We wish we would have recorded them. Moms and Dads alike were amazed that such an invention existed. We brought a prize wheel so that anyone who signed up for our newsletter could spin and win a 15% or 50% off coupon, or up to 3 Free Dapper Snappers. We gave away a lot of them. But, we spread the word about our product. And we sold some too!

Hubby is quite the sales genius. He was a regular Dapper Snapper Kung Fu Master! People were stopping just to hear what he was selling. He kept pointing out that the invention came from his lovely wife (insert pitter patter here) and I would wave and smile while signing cards that expo attendees had to have signed by all vendors to turn in for a chance at big prizes. He would chat it up with the dads while I shared little unnecessary facts about the product.

It was all going well until a woman walked up to the booth, pulled a Dapper Snapper off the display, and said directly to my face “Oh I could totally make these!” Deep breath… Another deep breath… And then me with “Well actually…” Seriously, this woman had no couth. Sh proceeded to tell me in an “I know more than you” atitude that her mother is a seamstress. To which I replied that it takes a $7,000 machine to sew quality Dapper Snappers and the materials are not easy to come by. She tried to say something about just getting some snaps and I tried to tell her that our snaps are different than the ones you can buy at the store which will only destroy the material, but she cut me off.

I suppose it’s my own fault for engaging her in hopes to protect my invention. Meanwhile, hubby says to let her try. She will spend more money and have a product that looks like garbage and won’t withstand the test of a toddler on the go. That’s my Hubby… My internal security alarms go off and his conviction about Dapper Snappers and the quality we provide only grows stronger.

Poor Super Dude and the Bug were stuck with us all day because we didn’t have a sitter. Well, at least they got to have a little fun!

Super Dude and the Bug hug the Cat in the Hat

Super Dude (Spiderman) and the Bug (Bat Girl) hug the Cat in the Hat. Like their face paintings?

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