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Monday, September 12, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

So, not too long ago, Super Dude came up to me and (very politely) told me he was too old to still wear Dapper Snapper kids belts. What? He can’t be my child, my child would be forever in love with my marvelous invention. Sadly, no, he’s growing up, and I hate it. I want him to be my little boy forever. Now, what do you do when your not-so little one comes to you and says “I’m too big for Dapper Snappers” but they very obviously still need help holding up those bottoms?

I got it, a belt! Well, we tried another popular kids belt but found so many flaws with it (Made in China, not adjustable, and started falling apart) that it wasn’t usable after a week. Then, in true Cazella fashion, we went to work solving this new problem. What could we make that is great for bigger kids because they can buckle and unbuckle the belt “all by myself”, is adjustable, and could be made right in our own factory in the USA?

I’d like to ask you to travel back in time with us…way, way back. All the way back to the 70′s (which happens to be very popular in fashion right now). Do you remember those Bottle Opener Belts? Those great little kids belts have a buckle that interlocks like a puzzle, providing easy use for girls. I know you have heard the saying “everything old is new again”, well we took that old idea and made it new & better. I know what you are thinking, though, Super Dude is a boy, what about him? Don’t you worry a bit about those boys. We brought magnetic belts are back and we made them cooler than ever! Durable, reliable, adjustable to give boys a perfect fit. We even added a boys robot print and a girls flower power print.

Features of our new “Big Kid” Belts:

  • Made from quality Suspender Elastic (for that snug, but not too tight fit)
  • Interlocking Buckle for Girls (easy to get in and out)
  • Magnetic Buckle for Boys (clasp with ease)
  • Fully Adjustable Length (will grow with your child)
  • Numerous Colors available to Match Any Outfit
  • Made in the USA
  • CPSIA tested and approved!

Why should you choose our Big Kids Belts? Because you have known and trusted the Dapper Snapper brand and the quality that we have provided for toddlers. We are bringing that same caliber of products to the table with our “Big Kid” Belts.

Problem solved, Super Dude loves his “Big Kids Belt” and I didn’t have enough going on so why not add a few new products??


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