Spring Break

Monday, March 19, 2012 @ 01:03 PM
posted by mrscaz

It’s officially Spring Break and since we live near Daytona Beach, I bet you are picturing me chilling out under a beach umbrella, relaxing on a beach chair, soaking up some rays while reading a good book. Well, you pictured, wrong. I am trying to get some work done at the kids belts office while having two little ones running around, playing, watching movies and just generally making noise. It’s not bad noise, mind you (playful noise is usually music to my ears), but it is distracting noise nonetheless. I tend to forget how quite the office is until we have the kids here.

As I was saying, I’m desperately trying to get some work done on Dapper Snappers stuff. We had an amazing photo shoot with some very adorable kiddos over the weekend and I am excited to get them edited and up on our site.

We were able to get some really great shots of most of the new spring patterns (which should be launching soon). The kids were all great and a lot of the shots look posed, but they were actually action shots that happened to work out that way.

I am really, really looking forward to the new patterns (can you tell I am excited?) and I think that we won’t be able to keep the Denim Dapper Snappers on the shelves! Did you see my blog post where I announced the new patterns? And those aren’t even the patterns for the Big Kids Belts. We will have Girls Camo, Flower Power & Purple Paisley for the girl Big Kids Belts and for the boys, we have Digital Camo & Leather.

This is such a big time for the whole Dapper Snappers line! You may even see the Denim pattern show up in the Mama Snappers!

What patterns are you looking forward to? Are there any patterns you would like to suggest? We love feedback!


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