Summer is Around the Corner aka Swimsuit Dilemma

Monday, May 6, 2013 @ 11:05 AM
posted by mrscaz

You know what that means, right? Swimsuit season… ugh. Now as an adult, I don’t concern myself too much with the whole swimsuit thing. I think they are highly overrated. However, I love swimsuit shopping for the kiddos. They are all so stinking cute! The one problem I run into is with Super Dude and his long legs. When I get a suit that “suits” him in the length (ie no shorty shorts allowed!), they are way too big for him in the waist. This presents a dilemma, he can’t wear a belt with swim trunks… hmm… what could we do… There should be an easy solution… Oh, yea! Dapper Snappers kids belts to the rescue again!

“How”, you ask? “Swim suits don’t have belt loops”, you exclaim. That’s easy, we have our wonderful add on clips!

I don’t know why it didn’t come to me before, but they work great. We just picked a color that closely matched his suit added the clips and cinched away. Tada! His swim suit stays up with no problem and I don’t have to compromise his coolness by sewing in belt loops on all of his swim trunks so he can wear a belt. I’m sure he thanks me for that. The clips are stainless steal so they shouldn’t rust, but you should rinse and dry them after ever use to prevent any kind of build up, especially if you are using them at the beach.

My assistant told me that she’s been using them with her son since last summer (that’s her son in the blue in the pic above and apparently he was wearing one then). Well, gee, thanks for keeping me in the loop! She says her son doesn’t even notice it.  “I like getting his suit a little big so he gets lots of wear from it. He can still fit in his from last year, but we bought a second one and it’s big around the waist, so I’ll be using Dapper Snappers and the clips again this year. It just makes it so easy!” – Jen

I know that some swim trunks come with the string to tighten them, but with the little boys, they are sometimes hard to find. I guess they figure that the little ones will just untie them. Anyway, I hope this helped solve a swim suit problem for you, I know it did for me!


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