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Dapper Snapper For President -2016 #NoMoreDroopyDrawers

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 @ 08:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

Announcing the “other” Presidential candidate, the one that you may not know about, Just yet… the candidate is Mr. Dapper Snapper, he’s running for President. He stands for peace but he has a strong stance on fixing the deficit, the deficit of snug-fitting pants that is…


He’d like to say a few things…

“Like you, I have become disheartened by the daily deluge of sagging shorts, dangling dungarees, and slouching slacks. This must stop! Butt crack is out there people and it’s everywhere. Our children MUST be protected. Say NO to crack. Say YES to Dapper Snappers!”

“If you believe, like I do, that drawers should not droop, that briefs should be kept brief, and that underwear should be kept under your wear, then stand with me! Vote with me!”

“I’m Dapper Snapper, and I’m running for president!
Ohhh…and I should mention, I’m Made in the USA!”

Share the love, use the hashtags and stand with Mr. Dapper Snapper, let’s put an end to the deficit!




To get your Dapper Snapper and help the deficit – CLICK HERE!