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Not Cool, Robert Frost…

Friday, June 14, 2013 @ 12:06 PM
posted by mrscaz

It’s Friday, y’all! I’m in the south, I have to fit in, so y’all, it is! Anyway, Friday means it’s “Random Topic Day…” on the kids belts blog which means I can say what I want! I know what you are thinking, “But Chelle, it’s your blog can’t you say whatever you want whenever you want?” Well… true, but I have schedule of topics and there is some cosmic force that keeps me bound to that schedule. So, you see, my hands are tied.

Since it is Friday, I felt like a little encouragement for the weekend would be nice. My assistant, Jen, showed me this Kid President video and I fell in love with this kid. He’s got character, moxie… and I like it!

Plus, there are so many quotable quotes! I’ll list my favorite ones after you watch it (seriously, watch it, your life will be better for it!):

Favorite Quotes from Kid President:

  1. “This is life people… you got air coming through your nose… you got a heart beat… it’s time to do something”
  2. “Not cool, Robert Frost”
  3. “It’s like the dude, Journey said: “Don’t stop believing.” unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream. I think that’s how it goes.”
  4. “The world needs you so stop being boring. Ya- you! Boring is easy everybody can be boring.”
  5. “Life is not a game people. Life isn’t a cereal either. Well, it is a cereal.”
  6. “But what if there really were two paths. I want the one that leads to awesome.”
  7. “I don’t know everything, I’m just a kid. But I know this, its everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.”

Have I said, “I love this kid”? He’s got other videos, but this one is just so spot on…

So I’ll leave you with this, what will you create to make the world more awesome?

PS Here is a little bit about Kid President: “Robby, age 9, is my little brother-in-law. He’s full of life and ideas. Robby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) a brittle bone condition which has resulted in him having over 70 breaks since birth. What’s inspiring about Robby isn’t his condition, but the fact that his condition doesn’t define who he is. In spite of all he’s been through he not only keeps going – he dances.”


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