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Two New Members of The Dapper Snappers Family!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 @ 08:10 AM
posted by mrscaz

The two Newest members of the Dapper Snappers family have finally been released!


Our new Boy’s “Galaxy” Dapper Snapper Toddler Belt is here and ready for take off, to only a place your imagination can take you (and beyond). Does your youngling battle with drooping drawers, in a galaxy not so far away? Try a “Galaxy” Dapper Snapper! This fun print will have your kiddo dueling amongst the stars in a war against the bad guys instead. Take a look…


Our new Girl’s Dapper Snapper toddler belt is here to keep her pants up and in style so her bottom doesn’t end up Frozen on a cold day. Play in the snow, leaves or even on the swings while showing off this cool belt. Our adorable “Snowflake” Dapper Snapper will keep those pants or skirts up and in place.Take a look…


If you want to grab either one of these, you can do so at any “Once Upon a Child” Store. If you can’t find one near you let us know!  Feel free to share this and don’t forget our hashtag #NoMoreDroopyDrawers

No beltloops? Remember these:


Have a Dapper Day!

If you don’t have a “Once Upon a Child” store near you. Contact Tina at: to find out how to get your new Dapper Snappers.