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Christmas Printables, activities and more…

Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 08:12 AM
posted by mrscaz

I’ve compiled a list of sites that offer FREE Christmas printables, cards, activities and more. Enjoy!

Here ya go, hope it helps…

Christmas Theme Activities for Preschool –  CLICK HERE!  snow-globe-160725_640

Christmas Printable Activities & Worksheets – CLICK HERE!
(for Preschool and Kindergarten)

70 Free Christmas Printables – CLICK HERE!

FREE Christmas PreK/K Pack {Updated and Expanded!} – CLICK HERE!

Christmas Printables (Cards, games, printables & more) – CLICK HERE!

Christmas Printables, coloring, puzzles and more – CLICK HERE!

Christmas countdowns, printables and more – CLICK HERE!

Enjoy and have fun!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.comOpenClipart-Vectors 


The show must go on!

Friday, September 16, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

The ABC Kids Show, that is…

Here we are a week away from the show and I feel like we still have so much to do to get our kids belts display tradeshow worthy! I am a bit of a procrastinator, I know this, but is it my fault that everything important has to be done last minute? NOOoooo, well ok, maybe it is partly my fault, but I am blaming it mostly on the dog. Mainly because she can’t argue with me and even if she could, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be a very compelling argument, I mean, really what reasoning skills does a dog have? Plus, if I didn’t have to constantly take her for walks or endlessly pull bits of soggy chewed paper from her mouth, then I would have much more time on my hands to do actual tradeshow type work.

Current to do list…

  • Finalize Booth Layout
  • Layout & Print Promo Sheets
  • Take a nap
  • Lose my mind
  • Make sure we have enough product to completed to display everything
  • Finish unpacking my house so I can finally find Bugs brush and no longer have to comb her hair with a plastic fork
  • Finish cleaning out the old house so as to ensure the return of our security deposit
  • Pack for Tradeshow
  • And on and on and on…

Aside from all of that, we are super excited about being involved in the ABC Kids show and really are working day and night to get everything perfect. We will be unveiling some exciting new patterns for our original Dapper Snappers line as well as showcasing the Big Kids Belts, the Dapper Snappers for Moms and Mitten Clips. The show is in Louisville, KY this year so we could go and visit Churchill Downs on our off time (ha ha ha). I am ready for it to be here so I can see the turn out, meet some great new people and feed off of the energy that always goes along with these types of events.

If you are planning on attending, come see us at booth #2433!

Ok, now I have to get back to work….


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor

New Digs

Monday, August 22, 2011 @ 08:08 AM
posted by mrscaz

For Rent - better than where you are living now!

That’s right, I am happy to report that we are moving to a home that I LOVE! Why?? Because I didn’t quite feel as though I had enough on my plate what with the whole new fall catalog, the ABC expo, new product release, new patterns, school starting, and so on.

The house is in a great neighborhood and just minutes from the elementary school. This home is definitely an upgrade from where we are now, the place I refer to as the “slum”. I refuse to invite anyone over because this place is horrible. The cupboards are all warped from water damage. The tile is chipped in several places from previous tenants. A couple doors won’t open/shut properly because the pot-smoking maintenance guy stripped the screws when changing out the locks. Speaking of the moron…He cleaned out the drier vent with 6 coat hangers connected together. He installed carpet and didn’t pound down the carpet tacs so they kept stabbing us in the feet. The carpet in the kids room has a ripple in it that’s just getting worse and there is nothing we can do about it. Nests of carpenter ants live in the walls and it’s a constant battle to keep them out of the house. If we leave the master bedroom door closed, the room starts to reek of stale cigarette smoke. I could go on, the list is very long, but I would rather think about how much I’m going to love the new house.

This is probably the best thing to happen to me since inventing my super adorable Dapper Snapper kids belts… oh, wait… I meant the birth of my children and the day I got married!

This is a place that we can not only call home, but will actually BE a home! It’s been a while (since just after we moved here) that we have felt at home and I am so thrilled to be able to feel that again.

It’s going to be amazing to have no carpets to worry about, have a (meager) screened lanai, a little fenced in yard for Sammy to play in (previous renters put plexiglass windows in the fence for their dog), kids have their own rooms (important now that Super Dude is starting to be very aware of private parts and doesn’t want Bug to see him), and most importantly; I won’t be embarrassed to invite people over for dinner. I am already planning out the housewarming in my head…. (not that I am having a housewarming in my head, but a housewarming for the house. ;) It will be grand and fabulous and all of you will want to be there (but, the house isn’t quite that big, so I will include you in spirit)!

The other nice thing about the house is the proximity to Super Dude’s school, although it’s not as close to the shop as where we are currently. But I won’t grumble about it being 5 minutes away as opposed to 3 blocks.

Overall, it’s seeming pretty perfect for our little family. I don’t know if I have expressed it accurately or not, but I am just a little excited. The only and I mean ONLY bad thing is that we have to wait until after the 1st to move in… boo! So who wants to help us move?


Common Cents Mama - Kids Belts - Toddler Belts inventor


Oh Yes I FonDid!

Saturday, January 15, 2011 @ 09:01 PM
posted by mrscaz

Remember that cake I was making for my daughter’s 4th birthday party? Well, it turned out pretty okay. My skeptical Bug was gushing over it as soon as I put the doll’s “dress” on. She was so excited! Her only criticism was that the doll’s eyes were brown, and they should be blue like Cinderella. Well, some things can’t be helped.

Princess Doll Cake Top.

She kept telling everyone at the party that her mommy made it for her. Then all the parents would look at me and ask, “You made this???”

Princess Doll cake

Isn't she lovely?

As it turns out, I’m almost as good at making doll cakes as I am at making Kids Belts, not that I’m going to go into business making doll cakes. Hubby did look at costing it out though. I guess he saw my natural bakers talent too. Oh if only I had a bigger kitchen…Ha!

Princess Doll cake in Black and white (because I like it)

Same cake, no color. Just playing with photoshop.

Common Cents Mama - Queen of Kids Belts


Welcome to My Brain…

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 @ 09:12 PM
posted by mrscaz

I should look up how to make a Dapper Snapper...

Welcome to some time well-wasted in my head. Don’t worry, you’ll question it later.

I’ve been thinking a lot. As I think, thoughts swirl around in my noggin like so many random marbles bumping haphazardly in my head making clinking noises to fill the void. So I decided to drag you around with me. Ha!

I’ve decided to make the Bug’s Christmas dress, as I do every year about 2 weeks before Christmas. She wants an “Aurora dress” (aka Sleeping Beauty). Since my main focus in sewing has been those amazing Kids Belts, Dapper Snappers, regular sewing patterns kind of freak me out.


I wonder how the Prompt Tuesday is going at San Diego Momma’s. What’d she call that? Holiday Limericks or something. Hang on, I’ll be right back…Okay, its Bawdy Holiday Prose. I’m the only one who’s left a comment, so if you get a minute you may want to too. As well. Too many to’s. Back to the dress…

I watched some vaguely helpful youtube videos to get insight into the hieroglyphs and foreign terminology in this little package of instructions and tissue paper.

Oh that’s right…

I need to email San Diego Momma to see if I can’t get her permission to repost something. Crap! I can’t find her email address anywhere on her website. Oh wait…We follow each other on Twitter. I could DM (direct message) her to ask for her email address. Or I could just tell her what I want. Wow do I sound like a complete stalker or what in my DM? I just told her some things that would make me want to unfollow myself. Good thing she’s the forgiving type. I’m pretty sure anyway. The dress…the dress…

not directions for sewing a kids belt


After watching some videos, I think I have a handle on this thing. Only, last night, in the middle of sewing the bodice thingie, I broke a needle and the material snagged. I pulled it out so that it was fairly unnoticeable. But then I broke another needle in the same #?!…oh wait, how does that go? Using symbols to represent cuss words…hmmm. What the? What’s taking so long for these sites to come up? Alright. I think I just found a site I could love. Check out Grammar Girl. I am going to start using the terms “Grawlix”, “Disemvowel”, and “Maledicta”. So cool…

As I was saying, I broke another needle in the same *$#%!-ing spot and it snagged the garbage out of it the material. Since I had already sewn the bodice pieces together, I had to start from scratch rather than try to pull out all those tiny seams only to probably snag it even more. Scratch it is! Oh but wait! We need to back up a couple days…

I pulled out the pattern, looked at the mind-boggling amount of materials associated with making a dress of this type, and decided I would have to wait until tomorrow to work on it so I could figure out what the heck “Selvages” are. While I’m repacking everything, Super Dude says that since I’m making the Bug something, what am I going to make for him? Well, certainly not a pink dress! What can I make for a boy anyway? Heyyyyy…Maybe JoAnn’s has a vest and tie pattern I could make for him.

The next day, I drug the kids with me to Jo-Anns and for almost 2 hours they played, got bored, tried to break things, gave up and decided to nap on the bolts of materials. But I found the pattern and by golly I was going to find the right materials.

10 emails??? What in the world is going on? Okay got those taken care of. I hate unread emails. Makes me feel like I’m way behind.

Also not a pattern for sewing kids belts

Isn’t this a cool pattern? And you betcha I’m going to make matching Father/Son vest & tie combos. Hubby thinks I’m crazy. He made me the deal that he wouldn’t tease me until Friday night about my “Oh there’s 3 weeks until a major event? I have to do an impossible project that will keep me up until 2 am the night before it’s needed done!” So what if it’s true…

ZzzzZzzzZzzz…. I just got up from a power nap. Apparently all this thinking makes me tired. That and it may be 35° outside, but it’s like 90° in here. Garble. Grumble. Ugh. Midday naps are not good. This is what I get for staying up until 1:30 am. Ok, where was I?

Today I recut the pattern and sewed it back together. Now I need to get back to where I was last night, sewing the neck of the shell and lining together. But alas, I don’t have the time. I have just been informed that our Mama Snappers are going to be on BabySteals tonight. Off I go to update our website. Wish me luck!

Oh, and thanks for sticking around to listen to the marbles.


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