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Expecting and My Pants Won’t Fit!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 @ 08:11 AM
posted by mrscaz

Are you a Mommy-to-be and your tummy is almost growing out of your pre-pregnancy clothes?

We have something just for you! We don’t “just” make Toddler Belts. We have adult belts too and these are copy-of-dsc_0069-editmade with expecting moms in mind.

When you first learned the exciting news, you could still fit your jeans, but after a month or so, your favorite jeans are growing more and more uncomfortable by the day. Now you can grab an “Adult” Dapper Snapper, snap it on the front of your pants, skirts or jeans and wear them for a while longer before retiring them to the closet for many months.

After your bundle of joy enters the world, and your back home trying to figure what size you are, grab that same Dapper Snapper and slap it on your pre-pregnancy jeans. When our family designed the Dapper Snapper for toddlers, we kept you (mommy-to-be) in mind. By creating a front end belt that allows an expandable support for the belly, you can wear your favorite pants for another month or so.

Congratulations on your new bundle!

Need an Adult Dapper Snapper? Click here!