Ten Tips For Moms of Toddlers

Wednesday, March 30, 2016 @ 01:03 PM
posted by mrscaz

I’m going to go ahead and call this… “The Top Ten tips for moms of Toddlers. These are random, yet important tips from a variety of categories…but all toddler related and much needed. 

1. Do Not use flat paint on the walls in your home. Best choice would be a Satin finish. Satin is easily cleaned and can stand up to high traffic.

2. To avoid middle of the night diaper leaks, try a diaper one size up. It should absorb more and get you through to morning.

3. Going to a friends for dinner, worried you won’t hear your sleeping toddler or baby in the guest room? Download this app to your iphone: codegoo.com If your child or baby awakes, your phone will call a number you have chosen (mom’s cell).

4. Lower your standards for cleanliness and organization. This will save your sanity. When the kids are older you can regain your rule of order and cleanliness, until then, who are we kidding, our house will never be a showplace from the pages of Trendy Home magazine. Seriously.

5. Make your life easier and say no to ironing. Wrinkle releaser is great, place the clothes on a hanger, spray and pull, viola! Wrinkle free and smells great.

6. Don’t aim for perfection. Nobody’s perfect, what things seem like on the outside, are usually different on the inside. New parents who are trying to be perfect for society are more stressed. Just do your best, that’s all you need.

7.  Be consistent. Between the ages of two and three toddlers are learning how their behavior impacts the people around them. If your reaction to a situation keeps changing, it’s confusing.

8. Try to do all of your errands in one day. For example, try to do all errands on Monday and all doctor appointments on Tuesday. This will make your life easier and your week more enjoyable.

9. Give yourself a bedtime. You can’t survive on five hours of sleep. Eight hours is probably not realistic for a mom of young toddlers, but you need the most sleep you can get and setting a bedtime for yourself will help you get more rest.

10. Drink water and remember you are doing the best you can do! Water is ultimately very important for you as a mom. If you are dehydrated, you can have headaches, fatigue and lack of energy. Be your best, be hydrated and keep up the good work!

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