The Birds and the Bees…and the Lovebugs

Friday, September 23, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

Birds and Bees-ish

We all have that ideal age we think would be a good time to tell our kids about the birds and the bees. For me, it’s some time in the beginning stages of puberty. This seems like the best time to talk to them about their bodies, what’s going on, and what’s going to happen. This opens me up to the question that so far, I have been successfully avoiding; “Mama, where do babies come from?” I think, when they actually get to the point of asking, I’ll pretend to be in the middle of making my kids belts and let daddy handle it!

Here in Florida we are plagued with a twice yearly occurrence of Lovebugs. They sound cute and like they should be ladybug-looking insects with smiles and kisses. They are not. They are ugly. They are everywhere. My kids, upon seeing two lovebugs attached and flying around together, wanted to know what they were doing. “Well, Sweetie,…they are kissing…with their butts…”  Now you can imaging the giggles and fits of laughter this statement was met with.

Butt kissers

At our most recent lovebug-palooza (at Disney World of all places), Super Dude asked again…no, more like stated, that the lovebugs “aren’t just kissing, right Mama? They are making eggs.” “Yes, son” I answered in shock. “They are making eggs. The eggs will turn into baby lovebugs and they will start all over again.”

Of course the biggest part of me is screaming that it’s way too soon, that I’m not ready. He’s all of 6 1/2 and in 1st grade. He’s very popular with everyone in his school, even the older kids, which I’m sure is how he comes up with some of the smart-mouthed answers he has for us on occasion. And I am also sure this is how he found out about the lovebugs making eggs. The tone in his voice was more of a “Mama, I already know the truth. You wouldn’t tell it to me but the big kids did.” Okay, maybe I’m reading too much into it. Maybe he was just tired.

I guess I’m just stuck in that weird place between not enough and too much information. At what age did you, or do you plan to, tell your kids about the Birds and the Bees (or the Lovebugs, as it were).


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One Response to “The Birds and the Bees…and the Lovebugs”

  1. Stephen says:

    Whoah boy… mine are 2-3 years older than yours and *I* haven’t had to deal with that yet.. maybe they have the lovebug conversation with their mother! :-)

    You’re right. Those bugs do not deserve to be called Lovebugs. They’re yucky.. I have another idea for them, but I won’t put it here on your G-rated blog :-)