The Coke of Many Flavors

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 @ 12:11 PM
posted by mrscaz

I have to say that the people at Coca Cola are geniuses. I came across the coolest thing since Dapper Snapper kids belts the other day.

The hubby and I went to lunch at a local burger joint last week and when we ordered, they handed us our order number and our empty cups and pointed us in the direction of the soda fountain. Their new, very large, very sleek, and very cool soda fountain. When we saw it, I think I heard a small choir of cherubs singing “Aaahhhh aaahahhah”. It was that amazing.

Now, I am old enough to have seen the many changes and faces of soda fountains over the years (but not old enough to remember Soda Jerks, thank you) and they have come leaps and bounds over where they started. I remember when our choices at one were Coke, Sprite or Orange (orange was never cool enough to have it’s own name, just orange). Yes, kiddos, we were mighty limited, but we thought it was pretty nifty at the time.

Look at that… sweet, huh? “Memories…. like the corners of my mind… misty water colored memories…” Ahem.. Excuse me, I was caught up in nostalgia.

Meanwhile, back at the burger joint, there it was, the Coke Freestyle. It was pretty amazing in that there are over 100 different flavor combinations. That brings a whole new meaning to “Fountain Suicides” that we did as kids. You know where you got a little bit of every flavor in the machine (you could be there all day trying that with this one, and that’s only if you could find a giant to steal a cup from). Aside from all of the flavors, this machine looks pretty cool too, like something out of the future…

Impressive, huh? I thought so, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, this got me to thinking… Dapper Snappers Freestyle. You know you could mix colors, scents and flavors… Ok, maybe not flavors, the kids shouldn’t be eating their belts, but scents?? Maybe, like the old scratch and sniff stickers? Oh, wait…. nevermind, again, probably not a good idea to have kids scratching their belts and asking other kids to sniff them.


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