The murky world of in-between sizes

Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 08:08 AM
posted by mrscaz

When Super Dude as was a toddler, it was difficult to figure out the different sizes. Was he a 2T or a 24 mo and what the heck is the difference? Am I missing something here? Shouldn’t there be a standard template somewhere that says what a 2T is, how can they all vary so much? It’s a tad ridiculous if you ask me. How can one company label something as a 2T and another company label it as a 2T but when you hold them against each other there is clearly a huge difference?

Now he is beyond toddler sizes, but not quite big boy sizes. Case in point: Socks. You would think socks could be an easy fit right? No. They have 4.5-8.5 and then 9-2.5. The small size is way too small and the big size is HUGE! What were they thinking? That is a huge size range. That would be like saying “These socks fit ladies size 5-ladies size 10,” ummmm NO, they don’t! Did they never have a boy in a size 10-11? The big size is way bigger than that.

We have the same problem with clothes. A 5T is too small. A regular 6 is too big. We’ve been in limbo for a year now. Granted, my son is small for his age, thus the Dapper Snappers kids belts invention thingy. But c’mon! Couldn’t you at least give me a little help in the shirt size arena? And why are the neck openings so small? There have been times that we have had to buy a size bigger just to get the shirt over his head.

While we are talking about sizing, the other thing I noticed was that when Super Dude was smaller so many of the clothes were sold as sets. I’m not sure about you, but he was never the same size on top as he was on the bottom, so here we were with a shirt that fits perfectly and pants that were huge, that was another reason for Dapper Snappers. Are there really that many kids out there that are equally sized? Are my kids just odd-balls? Well, yes, they are, but I’m specifically talking about the size arena right now. :)

Don’t even get me started on “one-size-fits-all”… Biggest fabrication ever!

Any other clothing complaints out there?


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