The Squirrel My Squirrel Could Smell Like

Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 12:07 PM
posted by mrscaz

The Old Spice Guy

The day before yesterday, I discovered that the Old Spice Guy is on Twitter, tweeting his answers to twitter and facebook fans in videos. First of all, it’s absolutely brilliant! As a business woman, I love to see how other companies reinvent themselves, especially when it works. Second, the Old Spice Guy is awesome! I could watch his videos all day, and not just because of the obvious. The videos are hysterical! I’ve spent many hours just laughing at all the answers he would send out to his followers. Because of all the time spent watching Old Spice videos, the Old Spice guy is definitely on my Squirrel Moment list. Believe me, you will be hooked!

My only question: Will the Old Spice guy come out with a ringtone of himself saying something witty for us women to have on our phones? I imagine something like: “Your phone is ringing. The man you wish smelled like me is calling and would like you to answer your phone. He may have something important to tell you. He may need you to pick up bacon at the store. Or, he may just want to profess his undying love for you. If you don’t answer, a parallel universe could collide with our own and all life as we know it would be obliterated, including the message he was forced to leave because you wouldn’t answer. We wouldn’t want that, now would we? So answer the phone and the universe will be just fine.” I’m sure the Old Spice guy could come up with something better… ;)

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