Tips to Beat Rainy Days

Friday, May 3, 2013 @ 12:05 PM
posted by mrscaz

Ok, so it’s been raining in the sunshine state for about 5 days now. I’m not complaining, because we desperately need it, but the kids are going a little stir crazy and I’m afraid that if it’s raining tomorrow (Saturday), the kids will have a huge case of cabin fever. So, while I should be working here at the kids belts office, I am actually looking for things to do with with them on rainy days, besides shoving them out the door to play in the rain.

I found some great ideas on Real Simple and a few other sites. I’ve pulled together my favorites for you!

  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide stuff around the house and make clues leading from one thing to the next.
  2. Build a fort. You’d be surprised how long a good fort will entertain them! Use couch cusions, or dinning room chairs and sheets, get creative!
  3. Make a drive-in movie. This one takes a little planning ahead, because you need cardboard boxes big enough to hold your children sitting down. It’s also a time killer because they get to decorate their own “cars”. Then have them pick out a movie to watch!
  4. Make up your own board game. Come up with a completely original game complete with pieces, tokens, and board or combine other games together to make a new game!
  5. Get artistic! Use dry erase markers to let your kids decorate the windows and add their own sunshine. Have them draw what they would like to be doing outside!
  6.  Have your own fashion show. Have the kids create their own outfits from their closet, mixing and matching. Then let them make their own accessories with things from around the house.It’s so neat to see how creative they can be!
  7. Hide-n-seek with at twist. Much like the original game, one player counts while the other one hides, but when the one who’s “it” starts hunting, the hiders get to move around trying not to be seen!
  8. Get out in the rain. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! I remember playing in the rain when I was little and LOVING it! As long as it’s not thundering or lightening, go for a walk, or a bike ride, or better yet, set up a slip-n-slide! Go splash in some puddles. Let your kids see you “breaking” the rules!

Hope those help you beat the cabin fever that come with being stuck in the house for days as the second flood comes!


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