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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 @ 08:09 AM
posted by mrscaz

We are always looking for free or inexpensive ways to publicize our product and a great way to get free publicity for any business is to do a press release. All you have to do is come up with a new worthy headline and around 300 words of text to expound on the headline. Easy peasy, right? You would think so anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be great publicity, but it seems like the more press releases about kids belts we do, the more we start seeing the vultures begin to circle. What I mean by that, is all of the unsolicited “advertising opportunities” that have sprung up. We sent out a release early Tuesday morning and before the end of the day we had already received two phone calls from companies promising to give us the best TV advertising we have ever seen!

For a small fee, of course, and by “small fee” I mean ridiculously high fees ($6,900 for one and $30,000 for the other) and by “best TV advertising”, I mean one of those annoying infomercials that would probably run at 2:30am on a Monday morning. Um… thanks, but no thanks. “But you don’t understand, you have been selected for this amazing opportunity!” Oh, yes, I do understand, I have been “selected” to be your sucker! As I am fairly certain that you would “select” anyone who forks over $30,000 for the “opportunity”.

Now, I’m sure that those infomercials work for some people, those people trying to help you cook the perfect pasta, or the ones who are trying to make sure that you stay warm and toasty with their adult one piece pajamas, but a toddler belt? Really? I just picture these poor toddlers fiddling with cumbersome belts trying their hardest to get them undone, but failing and seeing their devastated little faces when they can’t go potty in time and have an accident. How sad, no one wants to see that. Least of all me.

So I guess I’ll pass and use my $30,000 elsewhere… Oh wait… I don’t have $30,000… Anyone want to donate $30,000 so I can spend it elsewhere?


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