Value of a Dollar

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 @ 08:12 AM
posted by mrscaz

I think we have lost site of the value of a dollar. It seems like there are so many ways to waist money out there (small amounts at a time) that we are just throwing away money. I made a vow when we started the kids belts business that we wouldn’t borrow money to get it going. We would pay with cash or do without.

When I was growing up, my mom made me work for the things that I wanted. For example, when I was 14 there was a stereo that I wanted. I worked all summer babysitting and saved every penny so that I could get that stereo. I remember that it was $88 and at that time, that was a lot of money to a 14 year old. It had a record player (don’t you dare ask me what a record is) and a tape deck as well as a AM/FM radio. I was so excited to get it. Once I had all the money together, I bought it! It’s was totally worth it and I actually still had it right up to when we moved to Florida. I think I got my $88 worth.

It seems like now, with all of the technology and instant gratification out there, that we are willing to spend $0.99 on almost anything. Let’s take my iPhone App addiction as an example. We spend money to “purchase” Apps. If you actually think about it, it seems silly, I mean do we really need them? Speaking of Apps, boy have they go a racket going there. One of my new favorite Apps is Dream Zoo.

Basically, you build a zoo and care for the animals. However, to do cool stuff like to get more animals, make a bigger zoo or get food for the animals and such you have to “buy” them with coins. There are two ways to get coins; you can earn them (which is super time consuming) or you can purchase them (yes, purchase, like with real US currency). I have chosen to do the former realizing that the latter is a ridiculous waste of money (at least for me it is, no offense if you do this). Think about it though, that is an amazing way to make money. Sell fake coins, so people can buy bigger fake zoos so that they need to get more fake animals to fill said zoo thus needing to purchase more coins to buy said animals. It’s a vicious, but profitable circle.

Hmmm… Maybe I can create an App and sell fake Dapper Snappers…


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