Vote Tomorrow!

Monday, November 5, 2012 @ 05:11 PM
posted by mrscaz

So, unless you live in a hole you know that tomorrow is Election day!! You know what that means… NO MORE POLITICAL ADS after tomorrow!! I’m super exited about that! Especially because we listen to the radio here at the kids belts factory and it is riddled with political ads.

I’ve had enough of all of the negative ads. I’m not saying one side is worst than the other but I will say, the local races seem to be the worst in general (at least here they are). They seem more like a personal attack on the person running rather than an attack on their platform. It makes it so hard to choose how to vote, but even so, it’s something you need to do, regardless of who or what you are voting for. Can’t we all just vote for gumdrops and lollipops?

I’m not telling you how to vote. I’m just telling you to get out and vote. Let your voice be heard!

PS: A vote for Dapper Snappers is a vote for no more droopy drawers!


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