Watch your Planogram!

Friday, October 7, 2011 @ 06:10 PM
posted by mrscaz

I was going through some old pictures on my computer and I came across a picture that I had taken quite a while ago (in fact, Bug was 2 and she is 4 now).

Being a small business owner and inventor of kids belts, and therefore the face of my company, I have to be careful what I say and how I express my opinions as well as what language I use and what my political and religious views are so as not to offend anyone. I tend to feel like I am being censored. There have been many-a-time, MANY-A-TIME I tell you, where I have been merely a thumb stroke away from tweeting my discontent about something and then all of the sudden, I remember that what I say is what my brand says, and I quickly delete aforementioned tweet. Therefore, I have debated on whether or not I would write about this incident. Ahhh…. oh well, here goes…

Travel back in time with me… 2 years ago I was shopping at a Rite Aid with Bug. We were getting the normal stuff you get at a pharmacy type place. I’m wrangling a two year so I’m not paying too much attention to my surroundings. Then, as I am in the check out lane something caught my eye (mainly because Bug picked something up and I needed to make sure she couldn’t sever a limb with whatever it was). What on earth???? Is that a lighter in her hand? Where did she get that?? And then I saw it…

Let’s take a look at this picture, after all it is worth a thousand words. Ok, we have batteries, film, baseball cards, toothpaste… all seem innocent enough, and then… lighters? Really? Is that appropriate placement? At eye-level with a 2 year old? I mentioned it to the cashier and the manager and they said something like “Well, we will look into it, but that’s how the planogram is set up so I’m not sure what we can do.” Uhh… how about move the lighters up and replace them with something less threatening? I wanted to call the company and complain and raise a fuss, not just for Bug, but all of the other little kids out there.

I was mad… but I left it at that because, alas, I am the face of Dapper Snappers and I must be cordial. Afterall, I may even sell to Rite Aid one day and I am fairly certain that they will place my product up on the top shelf so as to save room on those bottom shelves for lighters, razors and pesticides… Yeesh!


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