What’s Logic Got to do With Anything?

Saturday, December 11, 2010 @ 10:12 AM
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Daddy explains rockets to Super Dude while the Bug just wants to go already

Daddy explains rockets to Super Dude while the Bug just wants to go already

Super Dude, my bright and sensitive son, will be 6 in February. But for a kid of almost 6, he asks some pretty amazing questions. And his speech pattern is pretty logical. Every time he asks a question that requires affirmation, he ends it in the inquisitive yet decisive “Is it!” whereas we would ask “Isn’t it?”. Example: “That car is going pretty fast, is it!” instead of “That car is going pretty fast, isn’t it?” Which makes my husband and I ask why we end in the negative question? We don’t correct him on it. As with most of his word choices, they will be conformed into common Americanized English in time and we will lament the days when he called strawberries “Car babies”. Words he uses, like “yesternight” instead of “last night”, we just let alone. After all, yesternight is a word. As I said, his speech pattern is pretty logical.

But the questions he asks are pretty insightful for an almost 6 year old. One day he was singing “God is first”, a song he learned in Sunday school the previous week. All of a sudden he asks me, “Mama, if God is first, who is second?” “Ummm…Let’s ask your Daddy” I fumbled in reply. What kid asks that? The other day, he asks his daddy, “Why does Santa put bells on the reindeer? Wouldn’t that wake up the kids?”

Of course I never let a good question slip by unanswered. Take for instance the other day when he asked what happened to Gramom’s Daddy. Well, he died at the very young age of 46 from a heart attack. In this case, the toy analogy worked very well. “You know how if you don’t take care of your toys and use them right they could break and you won’t have them anymore? Well, the same thing happens with your body. If you don’t take care of it right, then it could break. And sometimes those breaks are so bad that we can’t get better and we die.” I could hear the gears turning in his little head. “But Mama, why when we die do our skin stays here but our insides go to heaven?”  “Well sweetheart… Our whole body stays here because when we die we get really stinky and God doesn’t like stinky stuff.” Silence, and then I spoke up again grabbing that “teachable moment” (I hate buzzwords, but it’s the only one that fit) to explain to the kids how we could live a really long time if we take care of our bodies. Then I followed that with questions about how we could take care of ourselves, of course pointing out all the things that I am a bad example of, ie exercising, eating right, etc. But Super Dude kept on with the questions, taking note of the answers I could provide and then asking his daddy for confirmation.

These sorts of questions are constant. Our little engineer in the making picks apart everything to see how it works, asks numerous questions until our ears go numb, and then quietly contemplates until he is distracted by something shiny.  Apparently he gets his “squirrel” tendencies from me. No surprise there. I’ve got 21 tabs open between 2 browsers. Nah…I’m not distracted at all.

Ahhh...something shiny! "I went fast, did I daddy! I was like zoooom, and POOF! I was gone! huh, daddy!"

Ahhh...something shiny! "I went fast, did I daddy! I was like zoooom, and POOF! I was gone! huh, daddy!"

Oh hey! Speaking of squirrels, Hubby sent me this the other day: Hang on…I gotta go find it in the other browser….Okay, got it. http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/video/paul-mccartney-sings-scrambled-eggs-the-original-yesterday-12910/1264343/ It’s funny, is it!

Super Dude – my skinny inspiration for inventing the bestest Kids Belts in all of the world – makes me laugh, always has a hug for me, and of course, a question. He’s gonna be a great “Maker Guy” someday!


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