When it rains…

Friday, March 30, 2012 @ 11:03 AM
posted by mrscaz

It floods…. literally. Or at least that’s how it has seemed around here at the kids belts office. Jen and I have had no luck at lately!

It started a bout 2 weeks ago, when Super Dude was in the bathroom, “Mommy, I need help.” “Super Dude, what do you need?” His reply? “Mom, there is so much water.”

So, in my mind, I’m thinking that the he flushed too much paper and the water has risen to the top of the bowl. No big deal. Yea, no big deal, except for the fact that when I stepped into the bathroom… *splash*.

Yes, I would have to say, that’s a lot of water. Crud… now what? Hubby wasn’t their so I couldn’t call on my knight in shining armor. CRUD… I have to handle this myself.  Step one…. make the water stop. Ok, but how do I do that? I didn’t know which knob to turn so I thought, I’ll put the top off the tank and see if something in there will help. I grab the thingy (yes, that its the technical term) and pull up. It worked. The water stopped running. Now what? If I let go, it will start again, but I really don’t care to stand in a sea of toilet water while I wait for hubby to come home. The water is still spreading…into the bedroom, into the closet…CRUD!!!!!

“Super Dude, can you go get mommy the plunger out of the other bathroom?” He returns with the plunger. Here I stand, one hand holding up the thingy and the other one trying to plunge the toilet. Seriously, did he flush the whole roll? Anyway, if finally worked. and the toilet went back to normal.

I, then, used every dirty and clean towel I could get my hands on to sop up all of this water. About that time, hubby walked in and I looked at him and smiled “Your turn!”

A few days later the condensation line in the AC got stopped up and that leaked everywhere and then the water heater felt left out, so it decided it would leak too and flood the garage. That’s 3 right? Were are done now, right?

Yeah…not so much…

Poor Jen, she had to replace her tires on her truck last week ($300). This week, her power steering hose decided that it had had enough and the very small leak turned into a monsoon of power steering fluid ($100). And finally (hopefully anyway), her timing belt needs to be replaced next week ($500). Just so my car wouldn’t feel left out, it decided to overheat the other day and hold up the pickup line at Super Dude’s school.

Anyone want to contribute the “No More Floods” fund? We sure could use it. Either that, or we need to learn how to play in the rain!


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