When They Steal Your Idea (and more)

Friday, April 29, 2016 @ 11:04 AM
posted by mrscaz

So, Wednesday I was on Amazon.com and I just happened across this (see below)… An item, that looks like Dapper Snappers, “Looks” is the key word here. Because if you look closely the snaps are different, as far as I can tell there might be more variations or differences but I do know that in reading the reviews, I clearly see that quality is for sure one of the things customers would be giving up when ordering these.

copy cat

The reviews are in! 

Here’s some Dapper Snapper reviews!
dapper reviews

The whole “copying” my product thing might rub me the wrong way, but when they steal my photos… and they Photoshop their snaps onto my images…That really “buckles my belts”, so to speak!

girl copy dapper

Copy Cat Elastic belt – Photoshopped snaps

dapper my snaps

Dapper Snappers – my original image

I just don’t particularly care for thieves, but you know what they say, it’s a form of flattery, imitation that is.


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